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Lena Luthor   //   Lutessa Lena Luthor (Tess Mercer)

The White Knight or Knight Errant

A figure of medieval chivalric romance literature. The adjective errant (meaning “wandering, roving”) indicates how the knight-errant would wander the land in search of adventures to prove their chivalric virtues, either in knightly duels or in some other pursuit of courtly love.   //   In chess the knight can move to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. The complete move therefore looks like the letter L.

As a personal preference, I still prefer Cassidy Freeman over Katie McGrath’s Lena Luthor.

Well, technically she was and wasn’t Lena Luthor but Lutessa Lena Luthor, Lionel’s illegitimate daughter. AKA Tess Mercer.

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She had such a great arc and I’m still so sad she died .

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Plus she had chemistry with everyone in the cast. Everyone.

Lois Lane

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Clark Kent

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Oliver Queen

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And random women underlings, unfortunately, I can’t find gifs for. 

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ugh yes ok Erica Durance was honestly such good choice for Lois. I mean, i wouldn't say she's even that great of an actress but she just played Lois so well... Like, she had enough charm to fit the Lois Lane who pushes her way into a story and yet was still completely likeable. It was so nice to see her grow over the seasons too, because by the end she kind of really became that staple Lois Lane that had all the attributes to that we know, but was still completely her own version as well

Yes, exactly! 

She’s so great as Lois Lane! And I love watching her grow into her iconic self and I love the moments when Lois goes head to head against the Luthors: Lionel, Lex, and Tess.

Speaking of Tess, I love their dynamic a lot and I wish we saw more of them. 

I feel the show really grew into its iconic destiny when they were able to go beyond Lex Luthor and Tess stepped into the role because Tess was allowed to grow and become something more than a Luthor.