character: teresa lisbon


I love everything about Teresa’s appearance - the lakes of her wonderful deep green eyes with an inquisitive and sensual look, piercing at times, coquettish, too, her habit to bite her lip or crinkle her nose which is so charming, the way how much her face says without her speaking. Her beauty is natural, it’s sincere. And it blossoms when she’s in love. It’s such a delight to watch how it happens.

The Mentalist ♦ 151 Times Teresa Lisbon

50/151 | 3x04 “Red Carpet Treatment”

About the episode:

  • Jane and the rest of the team investigate the murder of a convict, Henry Dahl, who was later released on DNA evidence. Patrick gets some lessons in inner peace and hunting his adversary (Red John) from the husband of the man’s victim. Jane receives something from the husband of Dahl’s victim to focus his anger on Red John: a gun.

Teresa Lisbon Quote:

Lisbon: Did you sleep here?
Jane: No, I was working.
Lisbon: It looks like you were sleeping.
Jane: Well, I programmed my, uh, dreams to work on the Red John case.
Lisbon: Oh, well, then make sure you put in for overtime.
Jane: Ah, healthy skepticism. I like it.