character: tate langdon

I'm A Ghost - Tate Langdon Imagine

“Why don’t you ever come over”? You finally asked Tate. He was sitting on the edge of their lawn, legs crossed with a game of cards. You were on the edge of your own lawn too. If he didn’t want to come over, you weren’t neither. You wouldn’t give in to those blond curls.

“Do you believe in ghosts”? He asked, while continuing to build his house of cards. It wasn’t going very well due to the wind.


“Do you”?

“No I suppose not”. Yes you did. Scarily much.

“I like my garden better” Tate said. He looked up from his cards, and looked directly into your eyes. His eyes were a very deep dark brown, and you always found yourself searching for his iris. At least that’s when he is sitting far away from you. Not like now, for now you were sitting right next to each other.


“That’s why I don’t come over”. The wind tore down his cards, and let them fly away in the wind. Yet Tate didn’t move. He sat there and continued to talk “and then because I’m a ghost”

“I know” you said.

“But you said that you don’t believe in ghosts”. He raised his eyebrows, looking all confused. He reached out his hand for you, but you couldn’t make yourself reach out to take his hand.

“I don’t want to believe”..

“Why not? It helps us stay together. If you would just come over here. We can hang out. He let his hand fall to the ground.

"I can’t” .

“Why not”? You took a deep breath, before you reached out your hand to take his. However you couldn’t. As soon as you reached the edge of the garden, it was like a huge glass wall stopped you. You couldn’t come any further. You were stuck.

“Because I too am a ghost, Tate”.


Imagine forcing Tate to choose between you and Violet.

You: “You can’t be in love with us both, Tate. You have to pick someone; it’s causing too much pain leading us both on.”

Tate: “You, (y/n). I choose you. I’ll always choose you.”

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