character: tallulah


Into the Forest is based on a book that I read years ago that we decided to make. That was an example of a movie where I decided I really wanted a woman to write and direct this. It’s about sisters and female perspective. Tallulah was just an incredible script. Sian is super talented. I do want more women behind the camera; yeah. We should be trying to make that happen, but it happens organically, too.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page directed by women filmography

The Crying Booth dir. Martha Ferguson - 2002
Marion Bridge dir. Wiebke von Carolsfeld - 2002
Love That Boy dir. Andrea Dorfman - 2003
Mouth to Mouth dir. Alison Murray - 2005
The Stone Angel dir. Kari Skogland - 2007
Whip It dir. Drew Barrymore - 2009
Touchy Feely dir. Lynn Shelton - 2013
Into the Forest dir. Patricia Rozema - 2015
Tallulah dir. Sian Heder - 2016 
Window Horses dir. Ann Marie Fleming - 2016