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Susan/Talia- Get Me

Susan had been in barfights before, but this one was absolutely out of control. Narns fighting Centauri fighting humans fighting Drazi, all of them inebriated beyond any sort of safe limit, any sort of reason. She fought as hard as she could, but the fact of the matter was she wasn’t just completely sober herself, and frankly, she hadn’t come prepared for this sort of chaos. A bottle smashed into her head and she went down, clutching at her temple in pain. Blood filled her palm, and she staggered to her feet, balling her free hand into a fist and burying it squarely into the jaw of another brawler. She couldn’t keep up, she knew; she could feel her legs starting to buckle already…

Suddenly, the entire room fell silent, and everyone save Susan collapsed. A few snores rose up from the sudden quiet—they were all asleep, she realized. Susan hurried to the bar and leaned against it so that she wouldn’t fall herself, and as she looked around to see what the hell had just happened, she saw Talia standing at the door, her hand at her temple and eyes closed. “T-Talia?” The telepath opened her eyes and rushed to Susan, brows furrowed.

“What on earth were you thinking? Susan, my God, look at you…” Talia gently touched Susan’s injured face and sighed. “Come on; we’re getting you to the Medlab right now, you hear me?” Susan nodded, allowing Talia to prop her up, allowing herself to lean her head on Talia’s shoulder. 

“Gotta say, it was a hell of a fight.” Talia laughed and shook her head.

“With you in the middle of it, how could it be anything else, Susan?”


Someone posted a major feels B5 fanvid earlier. So I would like to share one too! This is literally the first B5 fanvid I had ever seen. I came into the fandom in 2008, and after the Talia thing I was so upset that I had to go find *something* but I didn’t want to read fic because potential spoilers. So I found this instead! And I still love it. Because reasons. 

Babylon 5 Tarot cards - Talia Winters as ‘The Moon’

The Moon represents dreams, intuition and the subconscious mind. It can indicate confusion and a sense of feeling lost, as well as being associated with illusion, deception and inner conflict.

(I’d like to do a whole set of these but that also sounds waaaaay too much like hard work, so who knows? Might do a couple more in the future. I’m fairly happy with how most of this one turned out, especially her hair, but it’s not as good as I’d like it to be overall)