character: sunshine


My love for Love Live! and food is expressed here lol.

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your fave is problematic: alina starkov

- too good for this world, too pure
- no seriously
- probably a slytherpuff
- always picks on people twice her size
- down 2 fight 24/7 which almost got her killed on more than one occasion. at least strap a helmet on her head or smth
- questionable taste in men 2kforever
- seriously questionable
- hello bi i’m mom
- probably burns her toast every morning bc she’s too busy staring at zoya (or genya or both) and pretending to be straight
- will fight you at any given moment of the day no questions asked
- also faked her death instead of facing her problems
- everybody’s mom
- speaking of which, she turned down two men (one was sex on legs and the other was an actual literal king who loved her more than he loved himself) and married a walking trashcan instead
- that’s probably the only real problem i have w/ her ngl
- too good 4 u boy bye
- new hair who dis
- s-s-ankta alina?? i can’t read suddenly i don’t know