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This mid-level (M1.2) solar flare was accompanied by a magnificent prominence (filament, if observed on the solar disk) eruption that turned into an impressive coronal mass ejection (CME) on June 18, 2015.

During the rising phase of eruptions, prominences often exhibit complex pre-flare disturbances, typically showing short-lived helical structures in the lower corona. 

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Leo Gay Women

July 23-August 22

Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Sun
Erogenous Zone: Back
Best Traits: Loyalty, leadership, dignity
Worst Traits: Big ego, swollen pride, oblivious

In Life:
Ms. Leo is hard to miss because she is such a grand dame. Her greatest gift is that winning personality of hers. So what becomes a legend most? Well, if she is an evolved Leo, she is driven to realize her dreams. Yes, her Achilles’ heel is her need for attention (in vats, darling, in vats), but she can peruse a life in which she contributes something great to the world and as a by-product receives the accolades she so desires.

The Leo dyke is a great leader. You probably knew who she was in the community before you even met her. She likes to be in charge, so naturally she’s a bit bossy. She acts as if her life is a movie and she’s the star… it is and she is. Leo is the sign of drama with a capital D. And she won’t be ignored. Most of these women need to perform in some way. She may not be an actress by profession, but you can bet she is comfortable onstage. She loves to make speeches and sway the crowds. She is also an old softy. Leo is the most sentimental of signs, and she has no qualms about breaking out into a chorus of “Always on My Mind” on a whim. She does not embarrass easily because she assumes we are all her adoring fans… and we are. Of course, she may embarrass you by blathering on ad nauseam in a loud, pompous tone while you’re out in public. Once she’s got the spotlight, she does not relinquish it easily.

Ms. Leo is such a good leader, you may find her working in politics or running an organization. People listen to her, and not just because she’s bossy. She’s trustworthy, too. Evolved Leo women possess a high degree of integrity. She’s a nurturer, too, but her energy is far from maternal. At her best, she is more like a good father: inspiring her kids (lover, colleagues, family, friends, shopkeeps, etc.) to do their best and make her proud.

From Queer Astrology for Women
By Jill Dearman