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And with this sneak peak, Snow and Whale’s cursed schtuppery has officially had more discussion than:

1) Any of the miscommunication issues that lead up to Emma giving back the ring

2) The deep-seeded issues that whole situation brought up in the two of them

3) The fact that Emma was ready to just get over Killian literally two days ago, and Regina and Snow were all about it

4) Whether or not Blackbeard is still just fucking rowing? Forever? Like he didn’t have any water with him. I’m worried.

                   ₪₪ M O D E R N   O L Y M P I A N S ₪₪

                                                    h a d e s

“Claw Machine Dream”
An original digital illustration by Sierra Lillian Art.

This piece depicts my friend and I playing a claw machine that contains plushies of some of our most beloved video game, anime, and cartoon characters! If only a claw machine with these adorable plushies existed… what a dream.

Can you name all of the characters? :3

Art prints are available at my Sierra Lillian Art Etsy shop!