character: stiles

Stiles Stilinski | Superpowers

Count of words: 773 

Warnings: kinda short, indeed

A/N: I don’t know I had this idea for such a long time so here!! based on the song Superpowers (acoustic) by Saara




Long hours, in tree houses, playing hopscotch, playing tag and picking flowers. We were best friends, oaths and vows. All those promises we made when time was ours.

She was walking through the empty forest, Stiles following close behind her. His hand was tightly clutching at her, making sure none of the two got lost; or kidnapped.  It has been a hot minute since the two of them have visited their ‘special’ place. It was honestly not that special. Just a tree house, hidden by some bushes. They actually built it with stolen, wooden tiles; Stiles helped her steal them from the Hales, never acknoledging the fact that Talia was watching the two do so. She would actually admire the pair frequently. It was this beautiful state in a human’s miserable life that they ignored the dangers and the darkness of life, instead they engage in very foolish ways, trying to entertain themselves. Talia admired the connection the two had, she saw them grow a bit. She quite enjoyed it, really. It was pure bliss to see the little boy and girl run around, or try to quietly sneak on the back and steal some wooden tiles. They had created this whole tiny builting, enough to contain two teenagers, in front of it there was a little make shift hopscotch ‘board’ (a/n I don’t know how it’s called, sorry), created by stones the two children found occasionally. Frequently, they would also pick flowers and decorate them across the roof of their beautiful creation. Other times they would even find random plants and plant them. Talia would always water them; she loved the expressions of the two when they bloomed. It was very simple really, what happened between them. They were best friends; according to Talia, and quoted by Derek, they were soulmates, they just had yet to find out.  

The pair finally arrived at their little home. They saw a lot of things burnt, but the wooded house was intact, and so were the plants around it. Some tears clouded Y/N’s eyes and Stiles simply hugged her close. They struggled a little bit to enter the house, but once they did everything seemed perfect. “Do you remember our oaths?” She questioned, voice soft and silent; quite relaxing really. “I got you this rose. It’s fake. But I promise, I’ll never leave you until it dies,” he responded, quoting what he told her that day. “And I promise to be there for you for twice as long,” she giggled, realizing how stupid it sounded to her now. “After you said that we begun fighting, remember?” He asked, looking at the side of her face, smiling at her own delighted, by the memory, expression. “Yeah, and then you told me you wanted to marry me.” 

Never told you, that I loved you. I wanted you more than I wanted superpowers.

It was silly. That feeling, inside her stomach every time he was around her, it was silly.  She couldn’t put her finger to it as to what it was, back then, but now she knew. It was love. “S-stiles?” She stuttered. He just looked at her right in the eye. “I-I love you,” she confessed, and even if these words had been said before, they had a whole different meaning now. “I always loved you. I wanted you more than I wanted superpowers,” she informed, looking down. Every little kid has this phase of wanting superpowers, right? She did, too, had that phase, but it was almost fully eclipsed in size by the fact that she had a crush on her childhood best friend, Stiles. The crush never bloomed, she was too shy; too afraid if you may, to admit it to him. But it was time he knew. It was actually a mere fact that the truth could not be hidden forever (the sun, the moon, the truth). 

My love, we stand so close I tremble. It’s just like I remember. This time I will not let go. I’ll never let go.

He was now to close to her, her breath hitching, her body slighlty shivering as his warm breath hit her face. It was the same affection he had to her before, every time they hugged or every time he kissed her forehead; her skin would be filled with goosebumps. She remembered this feeling all to well, never really went away. This time she would not back away, and neither would he. His lips crushed onto hers, engaging in an electified kiss. Powerfull enough to provide energy to Beacon Hills for years. His arms pulled her closer to his body, if that was even possible, the small space finally appearing bigger than earlier. 

waking up with stiles
  • raspy morning voice = turn on
  • supa messy (but supa cute) bed head
  • his hair would be either sticking out in every direction
  • or just lie as flat as a pancake on his head
  • soft, passionate morning sex
  • both of you having bad morning breath
  • but neither of you care
  • lots of nose kisses
  • one of you falling off the bed at least once
  • stiles having the coldest feet ever in the mornings
  • even if he was sleeping with 5 blankets
  • probably waking up with a couple of hickeys here and there
  • “stiles, we have to go to school.”
  • “no.”
  • “yes. you’ve been absent 34 days in this semester already. and it’s only been two months since this semester started.”
  • “shhh, lemme sleep.”
  • stiles would totally be the one to admire you when he wakes up before you in the morning
  • just like, he would take in every single inch of your face
  • and feel so warm and fuzzy and happy on the inside to have someone like you in his life
  • and he would subconsciously find himself smiling at you
  • and then you would wake up
  • and stiles would immediately close his eyes and pretend like he was actually sleeping
  • the sneaky bastard

note: gif used above is not mine.

Friendly reminder that Stiles Stilinski isn’t some small, delicate flower. He’s just shy of 5'11″, he’s spent the better part of two years running from and fighting monsters, on top of playing lacrosse and running cross country. 

He’s never looked weak, he’s always been able to hold his own (and sometimes he’s held his own AND an entire other person.) 

Just… Stiles Stilinski isn’t some dainty little thing. He’s HUMAN, but he can take care of himself… remember all the times he ran headlong into danger with a baseball bat? 

Let’s all remember that Stiles isn’t a little wimp that needs protection. If anything, people need protection from him.


- in that there that isn’t here, i allow myself to love you [insp]


I DID THE THING!!! it took me a day but i did it xD!! and i just found out that i haven’t drawn any sterek fanart in A MONTH ;___; i’m so sorry, i feel so horrible… BUT you get 4 new ones today! :3 hope that pays off my inactivity… we can all thank @merlshmallow for that!! xD she’s the one that tagged me on her post and her meme! THANK YOU <3 i’ve missed drawing these two ;u;


Stiles: “I’m gonna grab some tea for you. You stay here, just don’t move, okay? Don’t move.”
You: “You don’t..-”
Stiles: “Don’t.. I thought you..”
You: “No Stiles! I didn’t move. I wouldn’t dare to move.”
Stiles: “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”
You: “I totally am.”

Being Stiles Stilinski's twin sister would include
  • The sarcasm level is insane
  • “Will you tone the sarcasm down?”
  • “If you stop asking stupid questions.”
  • Both of you despising Isaac at first
  • “What is he for other than persistent negativity and the scarfs?”
  • Scott being best friends with both of you
  • You’re a package deal
  • Where one goes, the other follows
  • Stealing the jeep all the time
  • Stiles getting pissed when you steal the jeep 
  • “What the hell (Y/n)! It’s my car.”
  • “I thought the jeep was your baby.”
  • “You suck.”
  • Scott having to split you up all the time on pack missions
  • “Stiles you come with me, (Y/n) you go with Lydia.”
  • Trying to get through to Lydia
  • “I know you’re in love with my brother, but you’re just too stuck up to see it.”
  • Teasing Stiles 24/7
  • Him teasing you right back
  • “Do you two ever stop talking?”
  • “Never.”
  • Turns out you have supernatural powers, kind of
  • You’re an empath
  • “Don’t be sad Stiles, it makes me sad.”
  • “At least you can suffer with me.”
  • Being around Derek makes you grumpy 
  • Being around Scott and Stiles makes you goofy
  • “Being an empath sucks sometimes.”
  • Stiles complaining that you have powers and he doesn’t
  • “At least you get to be something.”
  • “Aw Stiles you are something.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Yeah.  You’re a real asshole.”
  • “You really are terrible aren’t you.”
  • “You’re just realizing this now?”
  • Overall being the best siblings ever
  • Loving Scott to death for protecting your awkward brother
  • “My boys!”
  • “Love you too (Y/n)

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In Heat - Alpha!Stiles Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Alpha!Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar and my sons Mason and Corey.

Word Count: 4661

Notes: Man this is so filthy and it was so fun to write, I hope y'all really enjoy it. We got extreme sparking, marking, bring, cutting, scratching, bruising, oral (both receiving) and over-stimulation as well as masturbation (male) and finally teasing. Thank you so, so much to my best girl Steff, I don’t know what I’d do without her proofreading, editting and help on writing. (She’s even helping me write Kiss My Ass because I’m THAT useless!) so big shout out to my girl. I love you Steffy, Rick to my Rock. ❤️ @dumbass-stilinski 

Gif by @bonniebird and I’m still shook because damnnnnn 

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