character: stiles

“Hi, Derek! Here, have half of my popsicle.”

“No fair, I was going to ask Der to take my half! Orange is a boring flavor anyway, take mine.”

“Stop being a poopy head, Stu. I asked him first!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, butt wipe, because Der’s taking mine anyway!”

“Hey, hey, stop! I’ll… I’ll take both, okay?”




Took a break from making kink icons and drew this lil’ Stilinski twins thing for Brii.

9.9.16// Steo - Are you having fun without me?//

Originally posted by fandom-therapist

Are you having fun without me?

Pairing(s): Stiles x Theo, Stiles x Child!Reader x Theo

Member: Kat

Reqested?: Yes(not on CoTW)

Request: written imagine please! Steo and the reader is their kid who’s sick -Anon

A/N: This was so much fun to write! Enjoy!

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