character: sheeda


Nendoroid - Sheeda

Following the Marth Nendoroid, is none other than his trusty pagasus knight waifu, Shiida. I am refering to her as Shiida, her name in the European version of Shadow Dragon. She is known as Caeda in the American version for some really odd reason. I personally played the European version of the game when it released. At least it was similar to her Japanese name, Sheeda, I really don’t know why they changed it in America.

Anyways, Shiida is a favorite of mine for many reasons, mostly because Pegasus Knights are my favorite class in Fire Emblem. Like Marth, Shiida has jointed arms and legs, unlike most Nendoroids, but unlike Marth, I feel like they work perfectly for her. Her legs aren’t hindered at all, and her shoulders can move freely for dynamic and relaxed poses. She comes with a sword and a spear, as well as her very own Pegasus! Of the two Shadow Dragon Nendoroids, I definitely like her better, but she would seem out of place and lonely without Marth.

More Nendoroid:

More action figures:

A friend arrived!

There were a lot of little fiddly bits and it was a challenge but I made sure she was holding the reins:

(which are actually fabric!) because that kind of thing is important to me.

She doesn’t really stay in the saddle that well….getting her downstairs in one piece was a challenge.

This is my first nendoroid though, so I was really impressed by the quality and all the tiny little details (like the fact that her sword comes out of the sheathe!)

I’m so happy I finally got over my price reservations and bought her. Now….if only they’d make a Lyn figure lol