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Stupid Fire Emblem Rant

People making Marth all super pansy and overly stereotypically gay makes me go lolwut? Have these people ever actually played Fire Emblem? He’s a kid who nearly had his entire family died who decides the best option is to lead a war against those responsible. He ain’t no pansy just because he’s pretty and wears a tiara (though he certainly gives that first impression). He’s a strong, noble leader who kicks ass. He also marries a woman, despite the internet making me want to think he was gay as a child.

I mean, I’m not going to yell at you for having fun over shipping, I just get really tired of being a huge fan of Marth’s games and never seeing him in character. It also doesn’t help that the yaoi fangirls seem to hate Caeda/Shiida/Sheeda whenever they actually know about her just because she marries Marth in the end and she’s my one of my favorite units. Maybe I’m also frustrated because I’d love to make a Cadea RP blog but all the Marth ones as SSB themed and OOC.

Sorry, I’m cramming for a college class and this was bothering me so much I couldn’t concentrate on the freaking Aeneid, er, well, couldn’t enjoy my procrastination of finishing my summaries of the Aeneid. 

I know my opinion might be unpopular, but eh, I got an OTP just like everyone else. 

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Can I also point out own muscly Marth is? Nom!

#351. Marth and Sheeda will become fathers of a baby girl this tournament, and most of the smashers are eager to meet the little baby, even Ganondorf, who is usually super grumpy. But the ones that are more exited about it are Ike, Roy, Link, Samus and Zelda because they will be the proud aunts and uncles. Lucina is losing it too.

all time fav fire emblem healer marries all time fav fire emblem thief and opens an orphanage together

If only Lena could have a sort of offensive promoted class bc her magic stat would destroy entire populations of dragons

And for some reason my Julian was always a tank like he’s a thief but he could also take down knights


Progress photos are mine.  Final Sheeda photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.

I HAVE NEVER UPLOADED PHOTOS OF SHEEDA ON HERE WTF.  I recently had a few inquiries on how I made my armor on dA, so I thought I’d just go ahead and share some of my progress photos on here too!

…..I still want to make Sheeda’s promoted costume from the old games…  Maybe with a bit of the Shadow Dragon spice and flare?