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wheat kings and pretty things (let’s just see what tomorrow brings)

When Bernie applies for The Great British Bake Off she never expects to make it on the show. Somehow she does, and there she meets Serena Campbell. Between signatures, showstoppers, and not insignificant amounts of shiraz, Bernie and Serena become closer than Bernie would’ve ever anticipated. It’s all awfully complicated though, what with the competition, the publicity, the stress of their jobs, and of course the fact that Serena is straight as an arrow and Bernie’s quickly growing crush is wildly inappropriate at best.  
Baking, at the end of the day, is simple. Predictable, even. Love not so much.

it’s finally here!!! read on for an excessive amount of baking and pining.


I finished some greeting card samples!

This is just a little tester post to see if there’s any merit in selling my Berena themed greetings cards (and/or postcards) on Etsy.

I have about 54 other drawing designs with adorning quotes, and there’s a range of slightly alternating card designs in which to feature them so this is just a small idea of the range I could end up making. (Mainly because I’m skeptical about making 59 cards if there’s no interest in them - I have plans to improve designs if there were)

If any of you are keen on the idea then please let me know - any feedback would be great!


Serena: Come to gloat?
Colette: Not at all.
Serena: Wouldn’t blame you. You must think I’m a fool.
Colette: No, I admire your loyalty.
Serena: Sadly misplaced.
Colette: We’re all fallible, it takes guts to admit it. Look, if there’s anything I can do…
Serena: Thank you.


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All of them are so precious, well except Tristan- because ugh who invited him??

gay-and-disorganized  asked:

A character: Serena Campbell!

Thanks for asking!

How I feel about this character: 

She is everything I am not and I am 500% in love with her

All the people I ship romantically with this character: 

  • Bernie Wolfe
  • Henrik Hanssen (only in the capacity of my OT3 fic, if you didn’t know I have been writing one…)
  • Chantelle Lane (more like Chantelle is a lesbian and has a massive crush on Serena)
  • Colette Sheward

My non-romantic OTP for this character: 

  • Raf
  • Michael Spence
  • Henrik Hanssen (they are the unstoppable force in the boardroom)

My unpopular opinion about this character: 

I don’t think any of the opinion I hold of her is unpopular so…

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

Had happened: Elinor lives; she never accepted Robbie’s invitation in the New Year; she always knew she has been Bi

Would happen: Properly mending the bridge with Jasmine; properly mentoring a Junior (not Jasmine); have quality (and also quantity) time with Bernie I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY OKAY

my OTP:


my cross over ship:

I like Serena/Eleanor Bramwell but when I think of a crossover it would be AU than shipping Serena with someone else. BUT I would want to see when MJN air from Cabin Pressure visit Holby or vice versa, what would happen. Obviously it would not be romantic but damn it would be epic. 

a headcanon fact:

She is dyslexic. All throughout her Uni life, she was told it was impossible for her to get through med school, she did and then got a Harvard MBA just for spite if nothing else. Edward always made fun of her when she was writing research paper or doing paperwork

Jason was the one who got her a text-to-speech app when he watched her reading the same paragraph for half an hour to no avail and worsening mood, even resorting to reading it out loud.

When Bernie found out (Serena threw her reading glasses on the table, “I am dyslexic okay? Feel free to laugh.”), she just shrugged and continued cramming Pad Thai. Later in bed though, Bernie said softly against her shoulder, “if you want another voice other than that flat one, come find me.”

blood red shiraz will wash through these slate grey streets - MatildaSwan - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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Serena Campbell, PI. The Dame Detective: brilliant, intelligent, and self-assured. Serena thinks she knows the score and every trick in the book. Until one day her door opens and in walks the longest set of legs she has seen in her life. Thankfully they are attached to a person: a blonde with high cheekbones and a neck every bit as long as the legs. Her name is Berenice Wolfe: wealthy and engaged and in need of someone outside of the old boys club. Serena agrees to take on her case and things will never be the same for either of them.