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Requested by @fearlessmercenaryimaginesHey, are your requests still open? If they are can I request a Sandor “The Hound” Clegane X Female Reader. Perhaps they’re travelling together and they stop to watch the watch the stars and Sandor is sweet and fluffy. Thank you for all of the amazing work you do

Here you go, lovely! I do not own Sandor. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: very brief mentions of fire and death, but mostly FLUFF

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader

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You’d always loved being outside. Ever since you were a little girl, you’d spent as much time outdoors as possible. During the day, you had climbed trees and watched the clouds roll by, sometimes dreaming you were floating with them. Then, when the sun set and the stars came out, you would sit for hours just gazing up at them, wishing you could fly around them.

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Fics Coming At Ya!

Hi there, lovelies!! Here’s the new list of fics that I’ll be posting soon! 

*A GoT one-shot called “Stargazing”: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader

*A SPN Disney AU called “The Sun Meets the Sea”: Dean Winchester x fem!reader x Sam Winchester

*A GoT Disney AU called “To Break the Spell”: Sandor Clegane x reader

*A Tolkien Songfic! based on “The Willow Maid” by Erutan: Fili x fem!reader

*An Avengers fic titled “Flaw?”: Steve Rogers x fem!reader

*Part 2 of “The Girl in the River”: Bofur x fem!reader

*An Avengers one-shot called “Sticking Up For Others”: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

*An OHSHC fic titled “Cautiously Optimistic”: Kyoya Ootori x fem!reader

There you go!! We’re getting close now!!