character: samandriel


Gabriel: the Winchester’s little sis isn’t half bad after all.
Lucifer: she’ll be perfect to rule hell with me.
Michael: no, she will rule beside father like she was meant to.
Gabriel: who says I don’t want to run away with her and get married or whatever.
Castiel: she’s a dear friend of mine don’t any of you dare.

If the angels were all female











You : What the Devil are you?! (Sorry I’m addicted to those books, You know, the Tim Burton like drawing fictional books)

Samandriel is responsible for many things in this world.

He is the Angel of Fertility, the reason why men and women of the world are or are not fertile. He hates sitting by while watching humans desperately attempt to have children while he knows he never gave them the ability to. Humans prayed to Gods and Angels of love; Sophia, Chamuel, Aphrodite, Venus, Cupid, but they hardly ever prayed to him.

He is the Angel of Imagination, the reason why books exist, why children play pretend and why brilliant scholars have the initiative to pursue the things that go on to define them. He looks on sadly as many children lose the gift he had given them as they grow. Humans prayed to Gods and Angels of intelligence; Uriel, Zagzagel, Athena, Minerva, but they hardly ever prayed to him.

But Samandriel didn’t care. He didn’t care that humans didn’t know his name or his others like Samandiriel. He loved them too much to be angry. He cared that his home was never peaceful. He cared that he had to choose between Raphael and Castiel, his brothers. He cared that he had to think about every word he said, every movement he made, just so he could avoid Naomi as long as he could. He cared about Castiel, his brother who loved too much, being gone. He cared that he had to beg every single day for weeks just for a demon to not hurt him as much as he wanted to and he cared that it never ever worked.

But no one cared about him. No one remembered him when he gone. Only two words were left to describe the angel who told Hell of Heavens secrets.

“Samandriel was good.”

“Samandriel was broken.”