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2. Samandriel/Alfie 

3. Kevin Tran 

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6. Gabriel 

7. Balthazar

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9. Garth Fitzgerald IV

10. Benny Lafitte

11. Gadreel/Ezekiel

12. Charlie Bradbury

13. Meg Masters 




You : What the Devil are you?! (Sorry I’m addicted to those books, You know, the Tim Burton like drawing fictional books)

Protective Father’s Rules Still Apply To Angels

From this request: Can i have one where the reader is deans daughter and samandriel has a huge crush on her and dean really protective ?


Dean had always considered his car his baby, the most important thing in his life (after his brother, of course). But when you showed up, claiming to be his daughter (which led to a series of tests, including a genetic one that proved, yes, you were his daughter), Dean’s life now had two babies.

He’d been worried, spending many nights in Sam’s room, vocalizing fears that he wouldn’t be a good father.

“I can’t raise a kid!” he said, pacing. “I don’t know anything about kids!”

“You raised me,” Sam said.

Dean glared at him for a moment. “Okay, I don’t know anything about raising a girl. Better?”

“Dean, it’s fine. She’s already a teenager—you missed the formative years, the years where it’s up to the parents to begin forming the child’s personality. Teaching them morals, teaching them how to interact with others. And she’s an older teen, meaning you missed the awkward teen-angst years. You’re in the clear.”

Dean studied his brother. “Thanks, man.”

“All you have to worry about is dating.”

“She’s not dating until she’s thirty!”

It took a while for you and Dean to learn about each other, figure out how the two of you were supposed to work. But you soon fell into a rhythm and Dean learned to love you. He was still worried that he wasn’t father material, but that changed the day he taught you how to fix the Impala.

You were a great hunter, your skills and natural instinct proof that you were of Winchester blood. Dean was wary of you going out with him, so he only let you go on ‘easy’ cases. He tried to remain firm, thinking it was best for you to stay behind on the tougher cases, but you had puppy-dog eyes more powerful than Sam and Dean caved on more than one occasion.

Dean was wary of introducing you to anyone other than Cas (he was trying to mentally prepare for the day when Crowley would sniff out this secret).

He was not, however, prepared to wage battle against another angel when it came to you.

Samandriel was basically the runt of the angel clan. He followed Cas around like a little lost puppy, meaning that he’d popped into the bunker a few times. Dean noticed the way that the angel looked at you—full of want, admiration. Not in a lecherous way, just a…

‘Holy shit,’ Dean thought. ‘He has a crush on Y/N.’

Dean stayed in the shadows, watching as you and Samandriel became friendly. Dean knew flirtation and he saw that you were playing a hard game and the angel was playing right back.

He had a bad feeling about where this was going, but Sam held him back.

Until the night the world seemed to be crashing down around Dean’s shoulders.

“Dad,” you said, approaching him as he sat in the library. “I’m… can I go out?”

You rarely asked to go out—you typically told him you were going, a trait Dean also shared.

“Where you going?”

“Um… the carnival.”

“The carnival opens tonight?” Dean asked, springing up. “Sam! Carnival!”

Your face fell slowly. “You… you want to go?”

“Hell yeah! Fried foods, crappy rides, weird people. It’s one of the best things about America.”


So you piled into the Impala with your father and your uncle and drove off to the carnival. Once there, you wandered around, watching your dad’s face light up like a small child’s.

Samandriel approached as you were waiting in the cotton candy line.

“You brought your dad?”

“He… kind of invited himself before I could say anything.”

Dean turned, a paper cone in each hand. “Yo. Samandriel. What are you doing here?”

“Y/N and I agreed to meet here.”

“What? Wait.” Dean looked between the two of you. “Is… is this a date?”

Both of you shrugged.

“Son of a–”

“Dean, let them go,” Sam said. “You and I can go play the shooting range.” He took one of the cotton candy cones and handed it to you.

Dean glared at his brother. “Fine,” he said, turning back to you. The smile he saw on your face almost made his knees weak. “You two can go have fun. But be safe.”

“I have my knife, Dad.”

“Good girl.” He turned to the angel. “You. Keep your hands off her, you hear? And if shit goes down, you fight to protect her.”

“Dad,” you protested.

“Y/N, shush. You understand me, Wings?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Dean nodded his chin. “Now go. Have a good time.”

You stepped forward and pressed a kiss to Dean’s cheek. “Thanks, Dad.”

Dean couldn’t help but smile as he watched the two of you turn and head off into the carnival. “And no Tunnel of Love!” he called out.

Change of Clothes

Anonymous said: Can I request a Samandriel one shot where he’s finally willing to try on new clothes (and using Alfie’s memory it was easy) and the reader shows him what the rest of the mall is like and he’s fascinated with all the different kinds of shops?

A/N: okay, so this week I’ll be a little more busy with school than I thought, but since I have Friday free I should be able to complete all the requests by then or Saturday. Anyhow, I’m sorry this is so short!

Word count: 589

Relationship: Samandriel/Reader

Warnings: none.


You sighed as you looked throughout the men’s clothes section. Samandriel was taking quite a while to get changed, but he had stammered he was fine after you offered him help changing. So now you were looking for more stuff for him to try on, as if the piles of clothes he had already went through was not enough. But in the end it was worth it, you decided, after all, Samandriel was finally cooperating with you about his look.

“(Y/N)?” You heard his tentative voice call, and you quickly headed to the changing rooms section. Samandriel was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans with a white long sleeve shirt. The shirt toned the muscles that the vessel, Alfie, had from playing tennis, as Samandriel recalled. You looked away, blushing.

“You look great,” you commented, making Samandriel smile. “C’mon, let’s you some clothes like that.”

You left the shop about twenty minutes later, paying with the money you had taken out of Dean’s wallet. Since you still had plenty of time before the Winchesters would start worrying about you, you took your angel (not that you would ever admit calling him that) to the food court, simply getting a milkshake.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” You asked him again, trying to break the silence that had settled at your table.

“I assure you I’m perfectly fine, (Y/N),” Samandriel smiled, “I’m an angel, I don’t need food, but thank you for asking.”

“Sure,” you said, the corners of your smile tilting upwards. “So, anything you want to look at or should we just head to the Bunker?”

“Well, this mall does seem interesting,” he said, his innocent blue eyes looking around. “And I do enjoy spending time you greatly.”

“Cool,” you said, once again feeling your face heat up. You stood up, throwing the empty container in to the trash. “Shall we take a look around, angel of The Lord?”

Samandriel laughed and you took his hand, dragging him to all kind of different shops. He got pretty entertained in the pet shop, and you had to drag him out of there before he adopted every single animal.

“I’m sure Sam wouldn’t mind a dog,” you tried to explain, your heart breaking at his sadden eyes, “but you know Dean. Not even Castiel could get him to allow an animal in the Bunker.”

“But the puppy was so adorable,” he sighed miserably. “And even more so since it kind of looked like you.”

You sat him down on a bench near a kid’s toy store. You couldn’t contain your curiosity anymore, and after all the teasing that Sam and Dean constantly gave you about Samandriel liking you, you simply had to ask.

“Samandriel, do you, um, do you like me?” You whispered, praying that his response wouldn’t crush your heart.

“Of course I like you,” Samandriel said instantly. “Friends tend to like each other, right?”

You giggled slightly, “Samandriel, I mean if you like me like, well, like a couple likes each other.”

Understanding dawned on his face, and you saw as his face became red.



“Honestly, (Y/N), I think I love you,” he said with honesty. “You’re kind, and smart, and funny. You’ve even helped me adapt to human life. I couldn’t see myself with someone else than you.”

You were shocked by his words, and pulled him into a quick kiss, not being one for great displays of affection in public.

“I love you too,” you replied, making Samandriel grin.

I have this headcanon that Gabriel got so into tricks and games because he wanted to play with the younger angels.  Imagine the Archangels playfighting and like little Samandriel tries to join in but it’s too dangerous.  So Gabriel decides to play hide and seek with them.  Pretend to be injured when they attack.  Really dramatically yelling about how strong Balthazar is and asking Castiel for mercy.

Sweet playful, badass.


Requested by anonymous

When you had confided in Sam and Dean your crush on Samandriel you hadn’t realized the incessant teasing that would come with the confession.

You had been talking to Alfie after a hunt and the two men, boys really, had started making hearts with their hands and kissy faces behind Alfie’s back.

“(Y/N) is something wrong? You look upset,” Alfie asked, looking at you closely.

“I’m fine,” you said with a blush, shooting the Winchesters a glare.

“What are you glaring at?” He turned around and suddenly Dean and Sam were talking normally with each other no hint of what they had been doing earlier apparent.


“Are you sure?”

You sighed and nodded, blushing out of embarrassment. Leave it to the Winchesters to figure out a way to get you to humiliate yourself in front of your crush.

Alfie turned back around and Dean and Sam were immediately back to teasing you.

“Oh my god. Death take me now,” you groaned.

Alfie looked horrified at the expression you had used and you rushed to reassure him.

“It’s just an expression.”

“That’s an awful expression. I don’t want you to die,” he said softly.

“I don’t either,” you replied, not noting the inflection or the look in his eyes when he said that.

Sam and Dean shared an annoyed look and decided it was time to take real action and not just tease you about your crush, which you wrongfully assumed was unrequited.

“You two just need to kiss!” Dean shouted, before Sam could come up with a better, subtler plan.

You blushed crimson and so did Alfie while Dean and Sam laughed in the background.

“Those two are ridiculous,” you muttered.

“Utterly,” Samandriel agreed.

“But-“ you cut yourself off, realizing what you had been about to say would embarrass you further and maybe ruin your friendship.

Alfie looked up, a hopeful expression on his face.

“But what?”

“Well we could- if you want that is,” you stuttering, tripping over your words.

“You want to?” Alfie looked surprised and you tried not to grin. Maybe the Winchesters were right.

“Of course.”

Alfie smiled and then leaned in to place a light kiss your lips. You giggled at chastity of it and pulled him back in for a deeper kiss.

“That’s more like it,” you said with a cheeky grin.

Alfie blushed, but nodded in agreement.


“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” Castiel whispers. “I know it wasn’t you, but…” your voice breaks and you feel the first tears on your cheeks, “..but I can’t look you in the eyes anymore.” He nods understandingly. “If you need anything just say my name and I will come.”

Fairy Tales

Anonymous said: Hello! Can I request a Samandriel one shot where he assumed he was studying history but it was just fairy tales and the reader, not wanting to tell him just how grave the original stories are decides to show him the Disney movies and he’s fascinated with how much she got into it and knew all the lines and songs and he realized that the guys were right when they confronted him about it before that he does love the reader

A/N: I intended to post this yesterday but something came up, so I’m very sorry for the delay!

Word count: 884

Relationship: Samandriel/Reader

Warnings: none.


You were falling asleep for the third time this night. You rubbed your tired eyes; you were supposed to be doing some researched for the Winchesters, but after hours of finding nothing, your body had finally had enough. Across from you, Samandriel was reading calmly, looking up from his book when you yawned loudly.

“How long was I out this time?” You asked sleepily, blushing slightly under the stare of his beautiful blue eyes. You and Samandriel had been best friends for some time now; he was probably the one person—well, angel,—you were most comfortable with. But lately your emotions seemed to have shifted from friendship to something else.

“Just a few minutes,” Samandriel answered. You yawned again, earning a smile from the angel.

“What?” You asked after about a minute later of just staring at each other, fully awake now. You could feel your cheeks heating up again, and silently cursed yourself for the fact that you were in love with Samandriel.

“Nothing,” the angel shrugged, but his lips were still curved upwards. You stood up and went for a glass of water, looking over Samandriel’s shoulder as you came back.

“You’re reading Cinderella?” you asked with a smile, your eyebrows raised. Samandriel put the book down, giving you his full attention.

“Dean insisted I’d learn more about humans, so he gave me this history book,” Samandriel said, his voice full of innocence. You stopped yourself from giggling while making a mental note to confront Dean about this the next time you saw him.

“History book, huh?”

“Yes; it is very intriguing. Although it does seem rather grim.” Samandriel looked sad at this, and you, knowing the whole original story, decided to stop him before he read all of it.

“Sammy,” you said, calling him by his nickname, “did you know that there are movies about these stories?”

“There are?” Samandriel asked with surprise.

“Yup,” you nodded with a smile. “What do you say we watch some of them?”

 “I’d love to,” Samandriel said excitedly. He put the book down and you grabbed his hand, taking him to the living room you and the Winchesters had made in an empty bedroom. You browsed through the movies you had brought to the bunker, searching for the Disney ones. You found Beauty and the Beast and popped it into the DVD player, running to the kitchen for some popcorn.

You curled up next to Samandriel as the movie started. You’d always loved Disney movies as a child, and even now that you had grown up into a fierce hunter, you would still watch some of them every week. You recited the words of the prologue in your head as you ate, happily enjoying the fact that you and Samandriel were so close.

Once Belle started singing, you put the popcorn down and joined her. Though you sang quietly at first, you raised your voice as the song progressed, and you were out of breath when it ended. You had your eyes glued to the movie, being completely oblivious to Samandriel’s adoring gaze.

Just a few days ago, the Winchesters, along with Castiel, had cornered him in the kitchen, bombarding him with questions about his feelings for you. Samandriel had denied their claims of being in love with you, stating that you two were only friends. But now, as he watched you singing and quoting the movie, Samandriel realized that they were right.

“Did you like it?” You asked Samandriel once the movie ended, getting up and stretching your stiff muscles. You put Cinderella next with a small yawn, snuggling with the angel who contently wrapped an arm around you.

“It was enjoyable,” Samandriel half-lied. He hadn’t actually paid much attention to the movie, being distracted by his thoughts.

You followed along with the lines and songs again, but you had begun to notice how Samandriel was not really watching the movie. Every time you glanced at him, Samandriel would blush and look away, something which he didn’t do normally. Piecing this with the fact that lately Sam and Dean had been teasing you about the angel having certain…feelings for you, made you realize that the Winchesters were probably right.

You stood up as Cinderella and Charming started dancing. Samandriel gave you a confused look, but just grabbed his hands and pulled him up with you. You set his hands on your waist and then wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Ever slow danced, Sammy?” You asked quietly, and Samandriel shook his head, completely lost in how intimate the moment was. You giggled slightly, bowing your head when you felt your cheeks heat up. You looked up again a few seconds later, your eyes meeting Samandriel’s.

You kept dancing even after the music ended, not paying attention to the movie anymore. You smiled tentatively as Samandriel tucked a lock of hair behind your ear. You wondered for a second if he had seen people do that before or if he had done it on instinct, but stopped once you realized that Samandriel was inclining his head towards you. You closed your eyes and met him half way through, his soft lips capturing yours.

A warm, happy feeling spread inside of you, and you smiled faintly. Maybe you would have to thank Dean later.