character: sabre


Slightly curved, single-edged blade with cylindrical back, in fine damask, first part engraved and gilded with Savoy coat-of-arms, Savoy eagle, mark and caption “UNIONE MILITARE ROMA” and manufacturer “F. HORSTER SOLINGEN”. Iron hilt with anatomical, wooden grip; complete with scabbard, leather clutches and sword-knot.

One of the inspirations for the US M1902 Officer’s Sword, along with the French Mle. 1882 Infantry Officer’s Sword.

Obi Wan’s saber, a vision and Kylo Ren. To clear up confusion about this recent theory.

So a few days ago after Star Wars posted this tweet, I came up with a theory on a popular Reylo forum. I noticed my theory about the sabre made it to Tumblr, however, like chinese whispers it has become diluted. So here’s clarification of this theory from the source.

I find it interesting how they drew attention to this particular saber recently and then I remembered where I may have seen it.

Many people have speculated that Kylo Ren is holding Lukes’ lightsaber in the vision Rey has, however it also looks a lot like Obi Wan’s sabre.

We know that Kylo Ren loves his relics, so it makes sense for him to have sought after various relics and different sabres attached to legends.

Pablo Hidalgo has said that the vision is not completely accurate to reality.  And the novel describes Kylo Ren as wrenching a saber out of the ground in this moment.

It is unlikely Lukes because as recent spoilers have suggested. The Knights of Ren are defeated by Luke on Ach To, however they are all still alive and standing here in the sequence.

So what if we are having a mix of the future and past in Reys vision? And what if we are experiencing a cross over between Reys vision when she touches Anakins saber and a vision Kylo also had when he touched Obi Wans saber.

It would explain the murder of “salad bowl head” in order to obtain this saber. Salad Bowl does not appear to be a member of the Knights of Ren.

What if Kylo Ren steals Obi Wans’ saber and just how Rey saw who was connected by blood to Anakins sabre, Kylo ren sees a vision of who is connected by blood to Obi Wans lightsaber the second he touches it?

I dont think Kylo Ren sees an adult Rey here as he walks towards her, he sees rey as a child being abandoned on Jakku.

This would explain why Kylo Ren gets so emotional about a girl being mentioned on Jakku..WHAT GIRL?!?.

Its interesting how in the novel the first thing Rey sees in her vision when she touches Anakins saber is a small boy who many speculate to be a young Ben. Again, symmetry, parallels and mirroring.

Kylo Ren seeing Rey connected directly to Obi Wans lightsaber would be the perfect plot device to explain how she is a Kenobi without it getting to convoluted and messy..the use of beautiful cinematography and editing could work wonders.