character: ryder lynn


Fandom: Glee

Pairing: Ryder x Reader

Warning: Slight NSFW

Writer: looneylovegoodx

Requested By: 5-seconds-of-gladers

Request: Okay so I was wondering (Once oneshots are open) if you could write a Ryder/OC fic (for glee obvi lol) where y/n is dating Ryder but kitty keeps trying to break you guys up because kitty hates you and wants to ruin your life. Ryder reaslises this and decides to leave his mark on you smut pls if you do smut, if not just have him make out with you in the hallway in front of kitty or something lol

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let me love you

word count:2020
Ryder Lynn x reader

song imagine but not with the annoying lyrics…

I walk the halls with Marley and Jake, heading for glee club. They’re holding hands and every now and then his thumb rubs over her knuckles to assure her he’s still holding hers. I sigh as I see how in love they are. I’ve never dated anyone which also means I haven’t even kissed a boy. Marley notices my mood drop and as my best friend she knows exactly what’s wrong, as always.

“you’ll meet the right boy in time, maybe sooner thank you think…” she winks and giggles walking into glee club, Jake trails behind her after giving me a smirk. I follow them with my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I sit down and prepare myself for today’s assignment. Finn comes in not long after and heads for the whiteboard, he writes something then turns to us. He moves out of our way so we can see what he has written- in blood red ink is spelt ‘LOVE’. I shrink in my chair knowing all the couples are going to go to town with their ballads and I’ll sit and watch, alone, because I’m single. I lose interest for a few seconds as everyone mutters about their ideas of songs to sing, I pick at my nails tuning everyone out until I hear Ryder trying to get everyone’s attention. When he finally has he stands in front of us. I sit up straight again.

“uh, I’ve liked someone for a while now and I thought If I can’t say it I can sing it. I asked Finn for this weeks assignment.” he says nervously, pulling out a chair and sitting backwards on it. It’s almost directly in front of me and my heart jumps at the possibility. He starts singing and I instantly recognise it as Ne-Yo’s let me love you, one of my favourite songs of his. Throughout the song he stares at me, I blush and I even start to well up but don’t let the tears pass. When he’s finished he’s breathing starts to get heavy as he takes my hand in his. 

“y/n will you go out with me?” he asks nervously. I nod and smile. The glee club cheer and we get dismissed by Finn. As everyone’s filing out I take the time to speak to Ryder as he slowly packs his bag. 

“how long have you liked me?” I ask curiously. He blushes. 
“uh” he laughs nervously. “since I met you” he blushes even more. I blush too. “so that date?…” he trails off while staring at the floor. 
“tonight? or is that too eager?” I mumble fumbling with the strap on my bag. He smiles proudly.
“very eager” he smirks. “but tonight is great, Breadstix at 7?” he suggests. I nod and lean up to peck his cheek then leave. Outside Marley is standing with a grin on her face. She links her arm with mine and her smile widens. 

“I told you so” I give her a deadpanned look and she laughs. “now come on we have to get you ready for your first date” she squeals. I shush her. “what?” she asks. 
“I don’t want anyone to hear that I haven’t been on a date yet, especially Ryder” I mutter. 
“wait do you like Ryder too?” she yells. I shush her again and see Ryder and Jake standing off to the side, Jake grinning and Ryder blushing. We make eye contact and he smiles at me while mouthing ‘see you tonight’ I nod back and turn to leave with Marley in tow. 

We get to my house and start getting ready. She helps me with my hair, makeup and outfit choice. Everything has to be perfect. The doorbell rings at exactly 7 and I go to open it. I had decided to wear flats so I don’t accidentally fall over in my heels and make a fool of myself, I had put on a dress that is dressy up or casual. My hair is curled and I have a light smokey eye, but decided to not wear any lipstick. When I open the door I see the most amazing sight. Ryder stands there nervously playing with the button on his suit jacket. He holds a single rose and it takes me a moment to catch my breath before I finally mumble out a ‘hi’. His head snaps up to mine and he stops in his tracks looking me up and down. I shuffle nervously under his gaze. 

“what?” I say self consciously. 
“nothing, you’re just beautiful” he smiles. I smile back at him while grabbing my jacket and coat then stepping out onto my porch. He takes my hand leading me to his car. We drive to Breadstix making small talk. A song I love comes on the radio and I immediately reach for the dial to turn it up, apparently Ryder likes this song too and was also going to turn it up. I pull my hand away and blush, he laughs and turns the song up. I can’t help myself and  start to sing. He looks at me with a smile. We both end up belting the tune out together, Ryder all the while trying to drive safely. 

We make it to Breadstix and we exit the car. Ryder runs around to my side of the car and takes my hand. We walk into the restaurant and get seated. Throughout the dinner we eat- obviously and talk about everything. I feel that when we leave I know everything about him. He pays for the check much to my protest to split it and walks me back to his car. We get in and I turn to him. 

“can you not take me home just yet?” I whisper to him. He smiles and nods.
“where would you like to go?” He says. I think for a moment. 
“Let’s go the beach” I say. He thinks about it for a moment first then nods enthusiastically. We drive to the beach and I leave my shoes in the car when we step out. 
“you coming?” I say to him eager to feel the sand beneath my feet. 
“I’ll be there in a second” he smiles. I nod and go to find a good spot. I find one and stare out onto the sea, the moon peeking behind it. A strong arm wraps around my waist and I look up to find Ryder grinning holding a few blankets. He sets one down on the sand to lie on and we do, with the other he places over us. We sit for a while and continue to talk until I start to get tired and lay down. He lays beside me, our bodies facing and our noses nearly touching. 

“I’m really glad you asked me out, I never thought it would happen” I say with a breath of a giggle. He grins widely. 
“does that mean you have a crush on me too?” he raises his eyebrows. I whack his arm. 
“of course I do, I mean your amazing and uh-” I’m cut off by Ryder’s warm lips despite the coldness from the wind. It starts off slow but then it get’s really passionate. I pull apart biting my lip and blushing. 

“That was amazing” I whisper. He nods back while biting his lip. 
“that was the best kiss I ever had” He laughs. I look away from his eyes embarrassed. 
“that was my only kiss” I mumble but he hears it because he reaches for my hand. 
“really? I’m sorry, I didn’t know I just assumed your so beautiful I thought for sure you’d have had a boyfriend before” I cut him off this time with my own lips. He grins into the kiss and caresses my hip pulling our bodies flush against each other. I gasp at his sudden confidence and he pulls away with a smirk. Somehow we end up falling asleep. 

The next morning we wake up to the blinding sun. I’m spread across Ryder’s chest and his lips are pressed against my forehead while he grips my waist tightly but not so tight as to hurt me. I put my hand over his and trace his knuckles. He smiles tiredly and reaches for his phone. He looks at the clock and sits up quickly pulling me with him. He rushes to stand up and grabs my hand to pull me up to. 

“we have 15 minutes to get to school” he panics. I nod and we rush to his car. 
“wait we don’t have clothes, I can’t go to school like this!” I rush out. He thinks for a moment and jumps out of the car running to open the boot. He comes back with a bag. 

“I was supposed to stay at Jake’s the other night but he had to help Marley with something. It has a pair of sweatpants in there and a t shirt. I think there’s a jacket in the too.” he says handing me it and pointing to the back seat. I look at him sceptically then dive into the back considering the time. “I won’t look” he smirks. I nod sarcastically and flip him the bird. He drives off to school. 
“what about you, you can’t go to school in a suit…”I mutter pulling his jacket over myself. I admire myself in it for a second before looking up to him, he’s looking in the mirror at me in an indescribable way. I smile slightly. 
“There’s a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in there too, I’ll change quickly when we get to school. I nod then realise he’s driving. 
“okay” I say climbing back into the front seat. I check my makeup in the mirror and I’m thrilled to see it hasn’t smudged at all then I pull on my converse. When I’m done he grabs my hand. 

“this isn’t the exact circumstance but would you be my girlfriend?” he asks nervously, I squeeze his hand. 
“obviously” I grin and peck his cheek. He smiles and pulls into the parking lot, I step out leaving him in the car to change. I get a few weird looks as people walk past but I just smile at them awkwardly. A few seconds later Ryder steps out dressed in normal clothes. He instantly stops and looks me up and down.

“what?” I mutter. 
“You look so cute in my clothes” he whispers pulling my face up to his, he pecks my lips then we walk into school, straight to glee club. We walk in holding hands and the chatter of the room stops. We ignore them and sit in the back. The chatter starts again slowly until Kitty speaks up. 

“Are we all just going to ignore that y/n has arm candy?” She yells over everyone. Everything goes silent and  I slouch down in my seat. Ryder smiles really big. 

“were dating” he announces. 
“no shit sherlock” Jake laughs. I blush as Ryder grips onto my hand. 
“is nobody going to mention the fact that shes dressed head to toe in his clothes too?” Tina blurts out. I blush even harder and before we have time to reply Finn interrupts. 
“come on guys, we have regionals to prepare for, leave them alone” he says and gives me a wink afterwards, I smile gratefully. 

After glee club I leave the room as quickly as possible, I make it to my locker when I’m cornered by Marley, Unique, Kitty and Tina. They look at me expectantly and I groan. 
“We went to breadstix then we went to the beach afterwards, we accidentally fell asleep and we didn’t have time to go home so he had some clothes in his car, the shoes are mine but the shirt, sweatpants and jacket are his” I flush crimson as they ‘aww’ and hit my arm.  I see Ryder walk past with Jake, Blaine and Sam. He winks at me and I look away smiling. The girls see this and freak out even more. I sigh but continue smiling. 

“come on, let’s go to class” I say giggling.


Ryder Lynn + Will Schuester - Glee (Imagine 298)

“Hello, I would like to introduce you guys to my daughter, y/n, She’s going to be joining the glee club.” Will said.

“Hi.” You smiled awkwardly. Deciding it would be the best idea to sit down and not be any more awkward, you made your way to the seats. You sat next to a boy with brown hair.

“Hi, Ryder.” He grinned reaching out a hand to greet you.

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I Know (Ryder Lynn)

Requested By: Anon

Request: The Reader and Ryder or Sam are dating and are just goofballs when together.


The bell had only just rang and I was still at my locker shoving my books into my bag. I jumped when I felt arms around me. I recognized the scent that was distinctly Ryder Lynn. I smiled and leaned my head back onto my boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Ryder, you scared me.” I groan softly, turning to face him. He pressed a kiss to my forehead. I shut my locker with a loud slam. He laughed.

“Sorry. I just wanted to know if we were still on for tonight.” He answered. I frown.

“Ryder, I dunno. I have so much homework tonight and I can’t afford to turn it in late.” I sighed and pushed my bag’s strap further onto my shoulder. He looked almost like a kicked puppy.

“But (Y/N), we’ve been planning this date for weeks.” He insisted. He was right. It had been ages since we had a date night and I missed spending time with my boyfriend.

“Alright, fine. We can go out.” He tugged me into his chest, lifting me off the ground. At this point the school’s courtyard was empty aside from the Cheerios who were getting ready for practice. I shrieked as he dropped my bag aside and spun me around.

“Put me down!” I insisted, despite that being the last thing I wanted. He reluctantly placed me back on my feet before snatching my bag and running away with all of my stuff. “Ryder Lynn! Get back here!” I did my best to stifle my giggling as I chased after my boyfriend.

“Catch me, (Y/N).” He teased, knowing full well I couldn’t catch him. I stopped, shouting after him. Ryder came to a stop and I ran over. He held the bag just out of my reach. I struggled before crossing my arms and pouting.

“Come on, give it back.” I asked softly. He paused to think, his hand dropping just enough for me to snatch my things back. He looked shocked but wrapped his arms around my waist and pressing a kiss to my head.

“I love you.” he mumbled. It was unexpected but I just smirked.

“I know.”

I want to send a big Thank You to all of the RPers out there that take on a canon male character.  As vague as that sounds, anyone can tell you that the community is super-unbalanced when it comes to m/f ratio, and if you’re one of those amazing Finns, Arties, Jakes, Ryders, Masons, Rodericks, or ~any~ of them, I am so grateful that you’re here!            


The woman who plays “Supergirl” is super over her marriage … and just filed to divorce the former “Glee” star she married back in 2013 DJ David Newsroom has learned.

Melissa Benoist just filed court docs seeking to end her 4 year marriage to Blake Jenner … who played Ryder Lynn on “Glee” after winning the role on Oxygen’s “The Glee Project.”

Both 28-year-old Melissa and 24-year-old Blake later got roles on CW’s “Supergirl” – where Melissa plays the main superhero … and Blake appeared on 2 episodes.

In the court docs, Melissa cites “irreconcilable differences” for the split – and wants to block the court’s ability to dish out spousal support to either of them.

They have no kids … so issues there.

One last thing, she wants to change her legal name back to Melissa Benoist … and drop the Jenner thing for good.

Seems to be the only person in Hollywood who doesn’t want to be a Jenner these days.

greaserprincesspuckerman  asked:

Hello, I am absolutely an anonymous person. If you could create your own justice league out of us... I mean the Greasers... who would be in it and what would be their superhero names?

Why hello there completely anonymous person that I have never met before in my enitre life. I’m not gonna leave anyone out, I hope so here it goes.

Puck, Finn, Dani, and Bree would basically be like the Super Men/Girls, cause they’re like the muscles of us. Their name could be, bad ass band of… badassness…? 

Marley, Stacey, Sarah, Emily, and Riley would be the tiny but mighty kind of superheros. Like I feel like villains would underestimate them cause they’re small and girly but they’re feisty, ya feel? I guess their name could be teeny tiny mighties, I don’t know, I’m just spitballin. 

Santana would definitley be like an enchantress. Like she would trick villains into giving up a fight or something. That could be her name, enchantress, screw copyright. I’m kidding, please don’t sue me.

Stevie and Sam could be like this awesome brother duo. Maybe their name could be Evans Squared, get it? Like Evans to the power of two, lol. 

Liam, Elliott, Kurt, and I would be like The Flash, whenever we’re needed we’re there! I have no idea what our name would be, all this creativity has me worn out, sorry guys. 

@greaserprincesspuckerman @hopelessly-sandradee @n-puckerman @greaserhud @greaserevans @greaseknuckledani @breeaser @thesnixtanalopez @greaserhummel @greaseremily @greasergilbert @stacethedisgrace @liamgreasershaw @rowdy–riley @greaserstevie 

Mike (@quartie-rps) is my favorite Ryder ever! I feel so lucky to play against him with my ladies in so many verses; @shutterbuglynn, @manager-ryder, @mr-ryderlynn, @ryderattheplate. He’s brought new life and lovableness to the character for me and introduced me to new ships as well! Each has a different take on Ryder, and I look forward to our future plans with all of them! He’s the best!