character: ric griffin


H O L B Y C I T Y edits 💉💉💉

All of them are so precious, well except Tristan- because ugh who invited him??

Tonight's Holby

Jac best one liner tonight:

Bonnie: I was thinking
Jac: That’s where the problem is

Anyway I loved the other side to Ric that we don’t usually see and the scenes with him and Serena are so cute. Can’t wait to see what will happen next week and whether he will tell the truth or lie to protect his daughter.

Jac and Jonny… For the majority of the episode I was happy; Jonny was siding with Jac they were laughing and Bonnie was feeling left out BUT all of a sudden Johnny has to ruin it and ask the BIG question… Problem is it was to the wrong woman! Yes Jac seems cold and a bit of a bitch but she is by far the best person on the inside but Jonny seems to ignore it. This engagement can go two ways:
1) Bonnie and Jonny end up married and Happy OR…
2) Jac and Jonny rekindle their love and the engagement is cancelled.
I prefer the sound of option two but the BBC like to ruin every love story.