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Seriously? We get Ric on the phone to Serena, and not Bernie? Ffs, drown me now. Are we supposed to assume they’re not in contact? Or are we not supposed to think or wonder about it at all? I suppose I SHOULD be grateful that they’ve even mentioned her at all. Was beginning to believe she had been a product of my desperate and fevered imagination…

Bernie and Ric

Perched on two stools at the side of the bar at Albies sat Major Berenice Wolfe and Dr Eric Griffin. As the laughter from them dies down from telling stories of their previous time together on Keller and the night shift that turned into a poker game and Ric punching Hanssen. Ric asks Bernie “So how are things on the home front?” Reality comes crashing back to Bernie as she is caught a little off guard by the question she replies “I don’t know…” she lets out a sigh and takes another mouth full of wine. After swallowing, she says “I want her to be ok, I’m tough enough to let her go but I don’t know if I’m strong enough if she never comes back.” Ric gives her a sympathetic look “Do you know, it was in this very spot less than a year ago that Serena told me that you were the special someone in her life.” He smiles while reminiscing “I’ve know Serena quite a while, and I have never seen her eyes light up the way they did when she thought of you. I have never seen her happier than when she’s with you.” With these words from Ric a calm feeling of reassurance came over Bernie and she knew all she had to do was ‘Keep the faith’ because soon Serena would be back and everything would be alright again.


Since the old ones are still getting notes I decided to make ones for the new characters and got carried away re-doing all of them, hope this cheers up the fandom

Holby City Character Summaries- Keller

If you don’t understand some of my really obscure references I apologise 

My Bernie feelings this episode...

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In seriousness though, I miss Serena so much and I really miss Berena but my goodness have I missed this side of Bernie! And I like that Ric is here. I like that he’s come in to put some order to Bernie’s chaos and I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. Remember when Serena was left alone on AAU for one day since Bernie’s arrival? She had an absolute melt-down and Bernie pointed out that AAU now has a trauma bay. That’s exactly it. Yes, Bernie is one of the best surgeons Holby has, so is Serena but with the size of AAU now, it really does require two leads to run the ward. I think Bernie and Ric will do amazingly well and maybe, Ric is what Bernie needs right now. I for one can’t wait to see what happens - I just really hope Bernie keeps the sass! CAUSE I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!