character: rafiel


Balls deep in Fire Emblem territory. I have been wanting to make a Rafiel cosplay for a few years. What better character to cosplay than one who doesn’t fight and SINGS while hopping around like a chicken (My friend’s words - though I would agree).

Hell yea. Balls to the wall, gonna give it my all… in time for Katsucon. This plus a Sakizou costume, I think I’ve officially lost my mind and probably shot my budget for half the year. So classy.

So… besides shit I cut out yesterday, have some progress… 15 yards of bias tape (though I remind myself this isn’t a Tales costume so I probably don’t NEED all that bias tape) and.. sleeves with appliqué. Cause I fucking love doing appliqué. I also plotted out approximately how big I will make the wings. I don’t want to make them to scale due to transporting/mobility factors. Shit. That’s all I can say. What have I done man!