character: rafiel

fecipher twitter, 10-5-2017: “Earthbound Heron, Rafiel”

As the eldest prince of Serenes, Rafiel is a singer of rare galdrar. While he has no power for combat, he aids his companions with his beauteous singing voice. For the first time, Series 9 will feature a focus on the laguz: those who bear the might of beasts. Look forward to it! (Illust. Rika Suzuki)

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in which tibarn 'fights' rafiel
  • Tibarn: Rafiel… Exactly what in the goddess’s name are you doing? You herons are making me tear my feathers out! Do you WANT to die? After all this time apart from your family, you want to die? Did that crazy wolf hit you on the head!
  • Rafiel: Tibarn, no, it’s not like that. I just want–
  • Tibarn: Hey, I know you’re worried about this Maiden of Daein. But that’s no reason to join up with the bad guys.
  • Rafiel: Bad guys? Tibarn, it’s not like that! They are not evil, and I’m not against you, or anyone for that matter!
  • Tibarn: Then explain to me what’s going on. Go ahead. I’m listening.
  • Rafiel: I…I want to help Micaiah. That’s all, really! That’s why I thought I should be by her side for this battle…
  • Tibarn: Right, then that means you’re an enemy now. Are you ready, Rafiel? You’d better hope that queen of yours taught you some fancy moves if you’re planning on surviving me.
  • Rafiel: Tibarn, I… Sniff…
  • Tibarn: H-hey, Rafiel, c’mon now. You know I wouldn’t hurt you! Sorry I scared you, all right?
  • Rafiel: Sniff…sniff…
  • Tibarn: Rafiel, stop! There’s no crying in battle! Get up, NOW! Please?

I can’t stop listening to this song.