character: queen hippolyta

Queen Hippolyta.

The final in my Wonder Women series. As much as I did want to make her blonde, I had so much gold worked in on her, I felt that the hair color would lose the crown. It problably wouldn’t, but I thought it might, this time. I wanted her to have the embodiment of what everyone else had. The toga sash, the headdress, armbands, and so on….

A great series. Pretty proud. =)

Diana was born just a few years prior to World War II. Because of this, when Hippolyta left Themyscira to join the Justice Society, Diana was only about eight years old. Hippolyta relied on Iris Messages to talk with Diana. The other members of the JSA, especially Jay, Alan, and Dinah, got to meet Diana for the first time through these messages, often when they had to gently convince Hippolyta to leave the call and come with them to fight Nazis.