character: princess aurora


“I fell in love with Rose because she was happy and lighthearted. I fell in love with her because she was beautiful and as cheerful as the sunshine. I fell in love with her because I heard her singing with her beautiful voice… as carefree as a songbird. I fell in love with a girl who danced and twirled across the meadows like an angel of happiness.” — Once Upon a Dream, Liz Braswell


Tried something new and simple while cramps were keeping me from doing anything else. ;) 


Know whats unfair??

Princess Aurora is barely ever referred to as her real name. Like. Ever

Almost everyone I know just calls her Sleeping Beauty. Because that was the name of the fairy tale/movie.

I honestly referred to her as her name and the person i was talking to was like, “Who?”

LIKE. That’s so unfair to her.. What the hell..