character: pietro maximoff

I have a headcannon that Pietro is afraid of going fast if he’s not in control.
Like if one of the Avengers is driving too fast he immediately clenches up and tells them to slow down.
One day they take him to an amusement park and as soon as the roller coaster speeds up for the first time he starts screaming, “I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING.”


AU where Wanda and Pietro have a Maxim(um time)off day to hang with their new Avengers fambam. Green Uncle is Pietro’s favorite because he throws the farthest.

Matt: Might not want to say that, you can probably get sued. But- I mean- if you’re ever looking for a lawyer….

Imagine Pietro’s reaction when he sees you dressed up for a party at the Avengers tower. 

You rushed down the stairs as fast as you could without tripping over your own feet and stood in front of Pietro. 

He swallowed but didn’t seem capable of eliciting a verbal response. 

“So,” you prodded, “How do I look?”

“Yes Y/N, um good, very good,” he answered and you took notice of the faint blush in his cheeks. 

Pietro always had a sarcastic comment at the ready and you smiled knowing you had caused him to freeze up. 

Feeling braver than you ever had, you reached up and pressed a kiss to his cheek before whispering in his ear, “Why don’t you put on a suit and you can be my date?”

You’d never seen him run so fast.