character: peter florrick


alicia florrick alphabet: peter

“Peter, it’s never going back to normal.”

@florrickandassociates I think that whenever it concerns Will, Alicia tries to compartmentalize as much as she can. She doesn’t want to entertain the idea that he could be holding a torch for her or that there’s might be something between them.

She can’t go down that road because then it’ll lead to how she chose Peter over Will all those years ago, and the pain that decision caused her. There are a lot of what-could-have-beens and regrets if Alicia starts thinking along those lines, so she prefers to shove those thoughts into the back of her mind rather than face her emotions (Alicia Florrick has many strengths but confronting and dealing with her true feelings is not one of them).

Does Alicia believe she’s a great lawyer and that’s partially why she got the job? Absolutely. But I also think that somewhere in the back of her mind, even in Season 1, she always knew that it was Will’s feelings (crush? Soft-spot? Love?) for her that got her the job. Season 5 Alicia certainly knew it.


- Is that what I’m doing here? I’m asking you for a favour?
- Yes, you are! You want something, that’s a favour!