character: paige michalchuk


Every gay/bi female character on Degrassi has had a bad experience with a guy before dating girls. I’m really hoping that the writers make Rasha a character who hasn’t, because it’s important to break the false stereotypes that women only like women because they’ve been hurt by a man.


Palex (S5E12) & Gracevas (S15E7): parallels.

Note: the Gracevas gifs aren’t in chronological order because I wanted to point out the similarities between the two scenes (and Gracevas had a longer scene so it didn’t entirely match) so i thought this was the best way to show.

the signs as iconic degrassi quotes
  • aries: i'm not mean i'm right
  • tauras: you gave me a social disease!
  • gemini: didn't you know terri, you can buy any thing on the net!
  • cancer: i haven't seen dancing this bad since heather sin claire's thrid–grade sock hop
  • leo: I'm going to be an actress, like, academy award winning. And you can sell this for a million dollars 'cause I'm gonna be famous
  • virgo: New year new look new paige
  • libra: well sorry for changing its a good thing you've stayed the same you're still a bitch
  • scorpio: he wont be able to see mu underwear because i'm not wearing any
  • saggitarius: study my but! leaving...
  • capricorn: When in doubt kiss craig???
  • aquarius: I'm so glad that gays can get married! That YOU guys can get married
  • pisces: I'd love to, but I look like crap in a bikini