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And here we have one from Radiant Dawn, showing Micaiah and the wolf queen, Nailah. Micaiah’s in her second outfit, from her Light Sage promotion, making it very difficult to guess where in the game this might be. They never appear together! Nonetheless, it’s a very beautiful picture, and you have to wonder about that detritus on the ground behind them. Is this after a battle? What is Nailah howling at?

“Finding you wasn’t easy for me and my eye - you’re better at it than those others." 

"Just a part of my job.”

“And your life.”

To eunweol!  It was a happy surprise to see your name as my nagamas match!  I wish there was more time to flesh out their discussion - I love your headcanon of Volke as a wolf!branded.   Hope you enjoy this, regardless. :)

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Tibarn, Nailah, Hector, Lyn

- Have you seen his interactions with Reyson or Naesala? I love this man, although I love Naesala more.
- In PoR, he’s not that great if you’re playing on the Harder Modes. Especially on JP Maniac Mode. Laguz Royal so he gets a 10/10.

- She’s pretty fun, and I love when she protects Rafiel from Ike’s “influences”
- Saved my ass more times than I can count. Laguz Royal ergo 10/10.

- He’s brash, rude, and compared to Eli & Lyn he’s fun. His progression throughout FE7 is nice IIRC. Although I definitely don’t overpraise as much as the fandom does.
- As a unit he’s an armor and he definitely hits hard but his speed can get very screwed. Brave Axe takes a while to get. 6/10.

Lyn has been done already.