character: mrs. komeda


Summary: Hannibal and Will are set for a night at the opera – or are they? Will begins his reckoning in the most cruel of ways. Another collaboration between Murder Besties @devereauxsdisease and @wrathofthestag.  Crack is whack!  Also on their AO3 account, TheGoldenStag.

“Hannibal, that is the third time you’ve glanced at the door, I’m beginning to think I’m boring you,” Mrs. Komeda laid a hand on the doctor’s arm, forcing him to refocus.

“A thousand apologies, Mrs. Komeda,” Hannibal offered her one of his more sincere smiles, “I am expecting a companion for the evening and he has yet to arrive.”

“How lovely? Is it someone we know?” Mrs. Komeda had yet to remove her hand from Hannibal, he wondered if she was attempting to physically draw the details from his body.

“No. In fact, I doubt he’s ever been to the BSO before, so I was merely worried that he might be lost. Perhaps he went to the Lyric instead?” Hannibal dropped his arm, politely shaking off the older woman’s grip. He adjusted his cufflinks and made sure her hands had not mussed the fine fabric of his tux.

“It won’t do to stand here and wait for him so anxiously, no one likes an over-eager date,” Hannibal was mentally picking out a roast recipe for his oldest opera board ally when she took his arm. “Now, escort me to my seat and take yours, Dr. Lecter.”

Hannibal led her up the maroon staircase, only occasionally considering pushing her down it as they went.

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