character: michael scofield


#do you ever cry because michael worked so hard to get his brother out of prison and in this moment it’s probably breaking his heart to have to part ways with him #he’s terrified to let lincoln out of his sight in case something happens to him and he risks losing him again and thIS IS ALL JUST VERY UPSETTING TO ME ಥ_ಥ


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What do you think about those oregamis Michael has been sending to Sara? The ones we saw in the 5x01. I don't understand how has he been sending them from Yemen. Or why could not Sara see them. He did not want to put her into danger so why did he send them in a first place? I have so many questions about it I hope they will be answered in the following episodes. Also do you think that Michael and Sara will get back together?

so here’s my theory on the cranes in the drain from the first episode. i think sara hasn’t seen them because jacob has been intercepting them and disposing of them before she could get to them. which makes sense now that it’s been revealed that he’s poseidon. or, you know, at least working for poseidon in some way. if poseidon wants to keep michael in ogygia (since he said in the most recent episode that they can’t know he’s breaking out), it would make sense that poseidon would try and stop michael from reaching out to sara. if sara somehow found out there a possibility he was alive, she would have done everything in her power to get him back. i also don’t think michael had been sending cranes the whole time he’s been away, and i definitely don’t think he would have sent them if he thought it would endanger sara or mike in any way. my best guess for why he sent them at all is that, for whatever reason, he felt like sara and mike WERE in danger… i figure it’s because poseidon was holding them over his head as leverage to keep him working for them (you work for us, we’ll make sure they’re safe), so he assumed since they abandoned him in ogygia they weren’t keeping up the other end of the arrangement as well. so it became up to him to try and protect them by whatever means he could. all the while, though, he wouldn’t know if they were actually getting the cranes, if they were actually safe or even still alive, he wouldn’t know anything. which is why it was so heartbreaking when he had to ask linc about their well being in the last episode. he was so broken and prepared to hear the worst when he asked.

as far as how he was sending them from yemen… michael is crafty. and very, very smart. the whole premise of prison break is basically michael scofield figuring out solutions to seemingly impossible situations. we saw in the last episode how he hid that spoon and string so he could get out of solitary, somehow he built or got his hands on a camera to send a proof of life picture to linc… i would imagine he was making the cranes in solitary, getting them out to whip, possibly, and having them mailed to sara. maybe he somehow enlisted the help of the pizza man to get them there, who knows. i don’t know that we’ll ever get an answer to that question, honestly. we might get an answer about the cranes in the drain/why he was sending them, but probably not how he was sending them.

and finally, to answer your last question, i definitely think they’ll get back together. it might be a rocky start when they’re first reunited as they try and figure things out after being apart for so long, but yes, ultimately i think they’re going to be together and they’ll finally get to be a family. and i personally cannot wait for that. it has been a long time coming for them and also for us.

michael scofield be like: i will use this single stale cheetoh to feed the dog that roams outside the east wall of the prison at precisely 4:36 pm on the third wednesday before the 5th full moon of a year a corpse flower blooms after which the dog will take a shit which will be stepped on by the prison guard’s cousin’s financial advisor, causing him to be late for work, which makes him throw his recycling in the garbage by mistake, which will then be transported on a garbage truck traveling at 22 miles per hour driven by a man whose father just landed in yemen yesterday and dropped a napkin on the floor which was carried on the wind through our window and landed in my lap exactly 1.7 seconds ago which i am now folding into a lockpick so we can escape


#MICHAEL SCOFIELD LOVES HIS SON SO MUCH #since the minute he found out that he was going to be a dad #don’t even think about the fact that in both these instances he thinks he’s about to die and just wants to make sure his son knows how deeply he loves him #in case he never gets the chance to tell him himself #*cries forever* 


Sara, I’m putting you in danger by saying this, but maybe it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead, and they’ll leave you alone. But I love you. You’ll see I loved you. I never stopped loving you. This whole lie, it was for you. Sara, if I .. If I do die, don’t let them put kaniel outis on the headstone, because that’s never who I was. Make them put my real name, the man I have always been Michael Scofield.”