character: michael guerin

OTPs; Couples I shipped since day one (no particular order)
Michael/Maria (ROSWELL)

Maria: I thought you were leaving?
Michael: I am. But I just wanted… I don’t know.
Maria: To say goodbye?
Michael: I wanted to say that this whole thing has been screwed up from the beginning. You and me. Us, just the whole long stupid story.
Maria: Thanks.
Michael: But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s meant so much to me. You know, from day one, from the moment that I kidnapped you and stole your car—I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted anyone else.
Maria: Michael.
Michael: I still don’t just, wherever I’m going, whatever I’m doing just know I’ll always love you.
Maria: Wait., no, you just can’t say that and…