character: max braverman

May you stay forever young

Been a while since a parenthood update, but I gotta say… Not impressed with how Kristina’s been handling the whole Max and Dylan situation. I understand that she unconditionally loves her son and wants him to thrive in a world designed for neurotypicals. Completely understandable. But her reaction to Max’s behavior toward Dylan not liking him back is pretty damn unacceptable. He sends out hateful flyers of another student, publicly made a collage of Dylan, continually harassed her on reasons why she should like him, and continues so. All Kristina had to say was that it was BRAVE of Max to express his feelings that way. There’s truth to that, but she NEGLECTED THE FACT THAT HE HARASSED DYLAN AND SAID HE WOULDN’T STOP UNTIL SHE WOULD LIKE HIM. That is harassment, period. She didn’t say SQUAT about the concept of consent or that “no means NO”. Yes, I understand that Max’s Aspergers makes it difficult to grasp the concept that love isn’t dictated by logic and other social situations. But that’s NO EXCUSE for him to not being taught about CONSENT. I hope Max’s parents acknowledged this at some point. If not, it’s gonna piss me off. :/