character: matt rutherford

But could you imagine if Matt didn’t really keep in touch with the New Directions? He comes back to find that Mr. Schuester married the guidance counselor, Mike dated Tina, Kurt’s married to some guy he met because of the glee club, Santana and Brittany are lesbians and they had a double wedding with Kurt, Karofsky was gay the whole time, they won Nationals one year, and somehow Rachel ended up with the guy that egged her.

He must’ve of been really confused unless Mike had been texting him every week saying ‘And here’s what you missed in Glee…’

a moment of silence, please

a moment of silence for our fallen friends: matt rutherford, quinn fabray, finn hudson, tina cohen-chang, joe hart, noah puckerman, mike chang, mercedes jones, brittany pierce, santana lopez, rory flanagan, sugar motta, and lauren zizes.

you will be missed, but you are in a better place. because any place is better than glee.

Let the records show that Matt Rutherford’s entire run on Glee now includes THREE WHOLE LINES.

In Theatricality, he says “Yeah and I’m dressed as the guy who replaced Artie when he quit” after the Kiss performance.

In Journey to Regionals, he says “In the beginning of this year, I was just another football player” because he’s come so far in his search for individuality.

And 5 years later (or 9 months earlier depending on your viewpoint) , in 2009, he says “Hey Mercedes!” only to be promptly brushed aside.

Regardless, thanks Matt for your small, nearly insignificant role in making this show. You will not be forgotten. Probably.