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There’s forty thousand dollars in the lining of my jacket; in this bag there are passports: two blanks and three ghosts. The guys watched us, so these things okay, you take it. Look at me. You can make it. You’re a warrior. You can make it, okay? You stay small, no airports, just blend in, like you know okay?

You’ve done enough for me. Please.

You’ve done enough for me. 

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

I just want two things from you tumblr.

1) a gif of Marta touching Aaron’s hand when their on the motorcycle hand he’s been shot. You know the scene where she notices he’s been shot and he says that they just have to get to the water ?

2) A gif of the part at the end where they fall off the motorcycle and she’s asking if he’s okay and he reaches out his hand for her and she grabs it.

anonymous asked:

any good bourne legacy fics you know? can't seem to find any

yeah, there aren’t many bourne legacy fics, anon ;_;

also, it’s depending on what you want. there are many different possible verses:

wonderful canon:

  • Galatea by Goetichite
    aaron cross/marta shearing | 500 words
    pitch-perfect study of their relationship 
  • Paint My Spirit Gold by MorningGloryBlue
    aaron cross/marta shearing | 1.5k words
    taking marta’s point of view and shows a believable buildup of their relationship.

wonderful canon PLUS interesting/lovely characterization on Byer:

  • Careless Gods by Goetichite
    gen | aaron cross/eric byer (if you squint) | 1k words
    interesting take on how their friendship (and eventual fallout) took place. 
  • The Sin We Can’t Swallow by missmishka
    gen | aaron cross/eric byer (if you squint) | 1.5k words
    I like this. it’s a retelling of a scene in the movie and I absolutely love Byer’s characterization here. it’s pretty much my headcanon now.

dude, aaron cross does look a bit like [insert Jeremy Renner’s character]—they must have been brothers!:

lol no aaron cross and [insert Jeremy Renner’s character] totally are the same person:

  • Outcome by thatdamneddame
    crossover: avengers | aaron cross/martha shearing, clint barton/phil coulson | 1k words
    Aaron Cross becomes Clint Barton. I am IN LOVE with everything that thatdamneddame writes, including this. the way the story unravels is simple yet stunning. 
  • (shameless self-promotion) run, baby, run by donutsandcoffee
    crossover: avengers | aaron cross/eric byer, clint barton/phil coulson | 1k words
    mine goes the other way around—Clint Barton becomes Aaron Cross after that event happened in Avengers. it’s for you to decide whether you like it or not, anon!

these are all the fics that I absolutely recommend from this small fandom. hopefully there will be more to come!


It’s been a long time since someone looked at me that way.

Aaron/Marta, The Bourne Legacy.