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Headcanon that when Deadpool meets Maria Hill that he immediately responds with “Oh my god, ROBIN SPARKLES?! HOLY SHIT I OWN ALL OF YOUR CDS OH I LOVED YOU IN SPACE TEENS, I ALWAYS USED TO SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY MAMA WHENEVER IT WAS ON-”

In which Maria puts a gun to his throat and says, 

“Keep going and I will kill you.”

In which Deadpool responds, “Oh that’s the best part, you can k-word me as many times as you want! C’mon, sing it with me, 🎶 Let’s go to the mall! 🎶”


Matt Murdock is sore and bruised from last night’s rumble. His office door opens. He could hear the sound of heels from the stairs and from the rhythm he can make out a determined, no-nonsense, confident and very professional woman. The smell of some branded perfume hits his nose. Definitely not a client. He assumes she is from that fancy law firm Foggy is now a partner of. He requests her to sit down. She does. 

“Good morning, Mr Murdock. My name is Maria Hill. I’m the director of SHIELD. We have been keeping tabs on you for some time. I’m here to talk to you about the Defenders Initiative.”

After that Kilgrave fiasco, Jessica Jones is taking some time off from her P.I. job, that is, she’s not seeing any clients at the moment. The “some time” has turned into a few months. She takes a swig from the near-empty whisky bottle by her bed and is more than a little irritated when she sees a woman sitting in her office. 

“You seriously need to fix your door. I helped myself in. Anybody else would’ve helped themselves to whatever they could find here.”

Jessica looks at her. The woman- girl, actually- is Asian-looking, about 25. Why might she come to her for?

“Let me guess. Asshole boyfriend?”

“Once upon a time. But that’s not what I’m here for. My name is Daisy Johnson. I’m with SHIELD. I’m here to talk to you about the Defenders Initiative. We’d like to use that strength of yours for some very good purpose.”

“Get out,” Jessica hisses after staring at her silently for a moment.

Daisy hovers her hand above her table. The whole room starts shaking. She stops her demonstration a second later.

“You thought you and your tavern-keeper boyfriend were the only people with tricks?”

Luke Cage is about to close his new bar for the day. The middle-aged man have left just now. The last customer left is a tall woman with long, straight, blonde hair. She had been sitting there long, but had only one glass of brandy. He puts a pint of beer in front of her.

“On the house, sweetheart. Last drink. We’re about to close.”

She thanks him and takes a sip. He stands there, watching her. Suddenly she takes out a badge from her pocket and shows it to him. Luke puts down the glass he has just finished wiping.

“Thought they were finished after DC.”

“We are very much active, but working in the shadows. Much like you, your girlfriend and some other neighbours of yours in Hell’s Kitchen. Except that we don’t have unbreakable skin.”

Luke stiffens. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I am Sharon Carter. I’d like to talk to you about the Defenders Initiative, if you have a moment.”

After regaining his fortune from the Meachums, Danny Rand walks into his penthouse and turns on the lights. He enters his study. There is someone sitting on the swivel chair. The guy turns to face him very much like the villain in a spy movie. He is a middle-aged man with receding hairline and a face like an accountant. His face suddenly gives way to a goofy look.

“Sorry. Nobody was here and the position looked really great. Couldn’t resist this grand entrance.” Then looking at Danny’s inquiring look, he stands up and puts down a file on the table. The file bore the words “The Defenders” in bold letters and right under it, a seal said “CLASSIFIED.”

“My name is Philip Coulson. I’m here to talk to you about this.”



That kid was trained to take out the best agents in the best intelligence agencies in the world. It’s no coincidence she made it to Sao Paulo the day you’re sent there to take down a mark. You should look up the files on the Black Widow, little brother. Because there’s a shit storm coming your way.
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