character: madotsuki

My favorite story to come out of the internet lately: For those of you who don’t know, for April Fool’s Day, Reddit launched this massive collaborative art project where you can place one pixel every five minutes on this massive canvas, so in order to do anything meaningful you have to work together collectively to make pixel art.

/r/YumeNikki decided to put the sprite of Madotsuki onto the canvas. Because of a lack of space, they decided to put it on the yellow stripe of the Swedish flag.

/r/Sweden, despite having no idea who Madotsuki is, absolutely fell in love with her, and have taken it upon themselves to fiercely defend her from any vandals. They even drew Pippi Longstocking next to her holding her hand. They’ve also made several visits to Yume Nikki’s sub and left friendly posts.

So that’s how a small community for a relatively unknown Japanese video game became best friends with the entire country of Sweden.