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Without Love - Hairspray (ft. Aaron Tveit)

Story Time

So…my 6 year old daughter has gotten into kpop (a result of hearing it around the house all day)

About a month ago we were driving out of town and had a kpop playlist on shuffle.  Last Dance by BigBang comes on, and she’s never heard it before.  Cut to when TOP starts singing and my daughter immediately asks who’s singing.  Now cut to when we get home she wants to see what he looks like and watch videos.  My daughter straight up fell in love with him.

So this week when we were doing a family therapy session (she’s autistic and has an impulse control disorder) and her therapist asked her about her 5 favorite celebrities and why. Here’s how that conversation went…

Daughter: TOP
Therapist: Who’s that?
D: He’s a korean singer
T: Why do you like him?
D: He sings really cool and he raps.
T: Is that all?
D: No, momma says he’s tough.  Momma says even when people are rude and mean to him, he stays strong.  Momma says staying strong is important.
T: Well, that’s true. Anything else?
D: **Giggles**
D: He’s really cute. He’s had pink hair, and blue hair, and white hair..and sometimes he wears glasses.

Ya’ll, my 6 year old is a bigger fangirl than I am, and I love it!!

**Her other 4 where Link Larkin from Hairspray (Zac Efron), Niall Horan, Captain America, and Dean WInchester..**


Request:  Hello there :)I have been watching Hairspray a lot recently and I love it tons <3 I have been searching for Link imagines and now I have found you! Alright, maybe an imagine where the reader is like the shy nerdy girl in the class and one day she’s out walking and singing to her heart’s desire and Link hears her and compliments her which gets her all flustered?

Requester: @weirdnewbie

Pairing: Link x Shy!Reader

Warnings: None :)

A/N: Sorry this took so long I’ve been busy with school! xx I hope you like it x 


When your grandmother had asked you how popular you must be a few months ago, you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it until this moment as you walked home from school. You didn’t consider yourself popular at all, but you weren’t necessarily the bottom of the school. You had a few friends, but you valued time alone a lot more. Being quiet and thinking was your favourite thing to do - so much so you often could go days without being noticed from being so used to being quiet. You usually chose the seat in the back corner of the classroom as most people didn’t talk to you so you could get on with your work with no distractions.

But that didn’t mean you had dreams of being big. Behind your quiet exterior, there was an intense desire to be on stage and sing your heart out to adoring fans. You doubted it could ever come true though when you couldn’t even do a school presentation without almost crying. Especially when you could feel Link Larkin staring at you. 

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Aaron Tveit (Link Larkin) - It Takes Two (Hairspray)

National Tour Hairspray 2005