character: linda taylor

The “welfare queen” stereotype comes from one famous case: Linda Taylor, a dedicated con artist who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US government by being a dedicated con artist. Fun fact: she also kidnapped children and probably murdered people. But she was only ever charged for the welfare fraud, because the prosecutors were worried that a murder case would distract from the far weightier issue of stealing from the taxpayers. That’s right: people are so enraged by the idea of welfare fraud that they literally treat it like it’s more offensive than murder.

5 Surprising Insider Facts About Welfare

A Long List Of My Favorite Movies: 2.) Beastly (2011)

I have to get used to the fact that when I expect a wonderful movie then it comes disappointment and when I have little expectation I will be nice surprised, like now. Beastly is romantic story about Kyle, who is rich and he doesn’t know what is true beauty. Witch turns him into a monster, and yeah I like magic in movie very much. He can be saved only by  true love, and then he fell in love with amazing girl, she is looking by her heart so he can’t scares her. Cause her, Kyle changes. Really beautiful movie about TRUE love, and beauty inside us.

I want to take this moment to appreciate Laura Hall and Linda Taylor on Whose Line is it Anyway.

Because we all know the comedians are funny. Ryan and Colin and Wayne and Aisha (and Drew in the old Whose Line) and whoever the rotating guest is. They’re all great.

But like Laura Hall and Linda Taylor have amazing improvisational music talent. Especially in the game Greatest Hits, where Colin and Ryan have free reign to name any song style or artist out of nowhere, and then those two women play those styles.

A couple of weeks ago they called for a “Neil Young and Kanye West duet”. Seriously. Where does that come from?

So props and accolades and appreciation to Laura Hall and Linda Taylor. Whose Line is all the better for you there.