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Children of Bellona

Requested by anonymous.

  • It isn’t uncommon that a demigod child of Bellona grows up with a sibling who is a child of Mars.
  • A lot of the children of Bellona are seen as celebrities or people of a high rank in Camp Jupiter as their mother is so important to them. 
  • Sometimes they are respected even more than children of Jupiter.
  • The Ares cabin often tries to provoke Reyna, trying to prove that they’re better at Warfare than the ‘fake, female counterpart’. 
  • Eventually it’s usually a child of Mars that manages to break them apart and try to get the Ares campers to behave around Bellona kids.
  • Bellona kids really like poetry.
  • Demigod children of Bellona are known to make really great teams and business bonds. 
  • They can make strong allegiances with kids of Jupiter, Trivia, Vulcan and Mars and are known to keep things professional. 
  • They all have a great sense of duty.
  • Only a few of them have been Praetor though, as they are also known to have a more quiet, supportive bond to the senate and instead are often called in for their advice and view on the situation at hand.
  • Children of Bellona are really good at chess and took ‘tug of war’ way too serious when they were younger.

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this is my delusion. // a (spotify) playlist dedicated to David Haller from Legion. 

TW for songs relating to mental illness

Includes songs from: The Cure, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, Radiohead, Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin and The Vaccines (and others)