character: kyle valenti

I'm Sorry, But Kyle Valenti's My Favorite

I’ve started watching Roswell on Netflix. Because I was bored and it looked good and I watch things, that’s what I do. And I know this show is old as shiznits, but can I please express my love for Kyle Valenti?

Well, Kyle Valenti Season 2 and up, basically, though, there were times I loved him in Season 1.

Sometime before Season 2, Kyle changed how he viewed the world because the experiences he had with the aliens around him. He had to find a way to cope with what had happened, and where did he turn to? Buddhism.

A lot of his arc throughout Season 2 was overcoming the poor reactions to him becoming a Buddhist. I mean, yeah, some people were fine with it. The first person who found out about his religion swap, Tess, was fine with it and probably gave Kyle more hope in revealing what he had become to the people around him. Because, at first, he hid the fact that he found Buddhism somehow in a sports training camp over the summer. He didn’t know how people would react to it, and for the most part, a lot of his fears were quite real.

I was surprised by the fact that his friends that weren’t of the main and side character variety gave him a hard time about Buddhism. I was surprised that his father gave him a poor time for a while for switching to a pretty docile religion.

Maybe it’s the way I grew up. Maybe it was because I grew up in a very international, melting pot sort of city and went to an international school for most of my schooling years. Maybe it’s because the college I go to now has this strange dynamic where minorities are majorities and vice versa, that there are many people from different places around the world and country going to it. But I never thought religious persecution was a thing towards Buddhists in the US, and even if it wasn’t extremely harsh persecution, it was strange to me.

But the more time he kept with his Buddhism, the more he got used to it, became more open about it, became, well, better in general. As he grew more at home with Buddhism, Kyle became okay with feelings in general and responsibilities. No longer was he the revenge tainted man who disliked the fact Liz wasn’t going out with him. He began to care more about the people around him. He began to show more emotion and allowed himself to stop being the kind of jerk he thought he was, the type who wasn’t good at all that mushy stuff.

Kyle went through huge character growth from Season 2 and onwards, making leaps and bounds into the world of being a great guy in general. I kind of wish there were more seasons of Roswell because I did love Kyle as a character, but what can we do now, really? I just want to say that he was amazing. Kyle Valenti was my favorite.