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10 things that makes me love Chris Colfer ( no particular order )

1. because his is genuine, humble & sweet


2. because he become inspiration to me & a lot of peoples 

3. because of his great achievement

4. because of his amazing talent in singing,acting, writing & etc.

5. because of his face 

6. because of his smile & his laugh

7. Because of his witty & smart comment add with his humor & sarcasm in every interview

8. his ass (im not even sorry stating that)

9. because of the way he dance

10. He is freaking Christopher Paul Colfer 

Can I just say something?

If Chris Colfer, a beautiful, strong, gay man, will be silenced for the second year in a row, on the Trevor Project I’ll be very very pissed.

“Adam Shankman (who is directing the show), hasn’t decided exactly how he wants to weave Chris into the show. So he asked we list him as appearing. He may perform but he didn’t want to guarantee it just yet.”

Now, I won’t get my hopes up for Chris singing anymore, but just two simple things :

- If someone is put between the performers for a show it means someone have asked that performer to perform and that performer replied “yes”. Nobody put on advertisment something they don’t know about for sure. 
So stop saying bullshits as “Chris doesn’t want to perform”
It’s the same as saying “Chris doesn’t want to be shirtless” : we all have seen how much that wasn’t true (and we know it even on TFT);
- Chris is talking about singing, Broadway, albums etc for quite a big time now, so even if we haven’t seen him perform as Colfer yet, it doesn’t mean he is not ready or he doesn’t want to.

This isn’t about a big conspiracy, but really there are some strange coincidences in Chris Colfer’s life I really don’t like at all.
If Chris Colfer isn’t doing something for himself, or his fans aren’t supporting him, strangely the beloved media turns a deaf ear on him…

So if you are a Chris Colfer fan I really hope you’ll vote for him for PCA, because as you can easily see, we are all his strenght and his success.
I’ll vote on PCA for him , as a big fuck you to all this treatment and to thank him for all his hard work.

EDIT : This post is about Chris Colfer AND gay media.
Nothing else, nothing less.
If you want to read something else behind my words, please read the post again or go on scrolling your dashboard, because I assure you, you are wrong. Thank you for your time, your kindness and your cooperation :)

I’m sure NO1CURR but I thought I’d post this anyways since it is sort of Glee related. It was my daughter Tanis’ first day of school yesterday, she got to pick out her own outfit. She chose this one because she said it “looked like something Kurt would wear” (I think with the star on the tights it looks a little Rachel as well). I wish I would have been able to find her a sparkly purple bow tie to match like I wanted, but she thought she looked pretty snazzy and that was all that mattered to me!

I honestly wanna know how someone can stan Kurt but hate Blaine.
Like…If you love Kurt you want Kurt to be happy.
Blaine makes Kurt happy

I’m not talking as a Klainer or a Blaine stan.
I’m talking as someone who has a pair of eyes.
Claiming to love Kurt but hating Blaine just…it doesn’t make sense

Look at this:

and tell me how you see anything but sheer utter happiness.
Me while watching Glee lately.
  • Me: He’s gay Tina
  • Me: He’s straight Blaine
  • Me: Shut up Rachel
  • Me: Go away Jarley
  • Me: LOOK IT’S KURT…and he’s gone
  • Me: You sound like an asshat Brody
  • Me: He’s GAY Tina
  • Me: Don’t do it Puck…
  • Me: Oh look Sam shirtless…
  • Me: What even is this anymore?
  • Me: I want to play with Joe’s dreds
  • Me: I miss getting new story lines.
  • Me: Where's Adam?
  • Me: *end credits* What did I just watch?

hey hey hey!

remember in first season when Kurt liked Finn and Rachel said “whether I’m first or 50th I’m still ahead of you cuz I’m a girl” and it was totally heartbreaking? 

And now he’s the first choice of not one but two boys (and probably a billion others, that oblivious fucker doesn’t realize that he’s a catch) 

oh bb you’re finally accepted

Don't Rain Upon My Kurt-Final
Cristina Pizarro

I did this months ago, but I forgot about it. This is basically how I felt by the end of season 3. I apologize for the sound of my voice haha

Don’t Rain Upon My Kurt

Don’t tell me that you care, you simply don’t

You said they would be fine, but now they won’t

Don’t bring around a cloud to rain upon my Kurt

Don’t tell me not to cry, I simply got to

Kurt’s dream for NYADA didn’t come true

Who told you you’re allowed to rain upon my Kurt

I’ll march the fangirls out, and they’ll beat you down

And you’ll have to tell them, why you’re an ass, sir

Explain why you did it, bastard

You’ll only get a minute

If Kurt’s not in New York, it’ll break his heart

But if he is, Klaine’ll be apart

There’s no way you can win this situation now

None of the couples dealt with goodbyes, ‘cause all of their eyes

Were on Finn and Rachel

Tike and Samcedes, Brittana and Klaine, no time for them

‘Cause it’s all Finn and Rachel

Get ready for me RIB, ‘cause I’m a coming

So I suggest that you start running

Don’t bring around a cloud to rain upon my Kurt

Rachel got in and not him

It’s all about her and Finn

Blaine was sad to see him go

But it’s worse that he’s in Ohio

Can’t stand to see my angel hurt

What’s gonna happen to Kurt!

Hey Ryan Murphy

Go Fuck Yourself!

I’ll march the fangirls out, they’ll beat you down

And you’ll have to tell them, why you’re an ass, sir

Explain why you did it, bastard

You’ll only get a minute

Get ready for me RIB, ‘cause I’m a coming

So I suggest that you start running

Nobody, nobody, is gonna rain upon my Kurt!

I understand

that Chris is gay, I respect that and would not want to change him for anything! He’s perfect :)

But I also acknowledge that he is a very charming & attractive man! So I tend to fangirl & admire his …. features.

I do not personally see anything wrong with it! I know that it won’t change anything & I don’t want it to.
Again I love and respect who he as person.

I’m just curious to why some people get upset about this? Matt Bomer is an openly gay man & women still love him!