character: killian jones

a stolen moment

The characters who are sarcastic, sassy, damaged assholes who surprise you with the strength of their love, convictions and sudden tender moments are my absolute favourite and its becoming a real problem. 

Just came to my attention that as soon as CS say "I do", Killian Jones will:

A) officially be a prince, “His Royal Highness, Prince Killian Jones of Misthaven”
B) officially become Henry’s stepfather (which means he is the first dad Henry will have REALLY had)
C) officially be an heir to a throne by marriage and will one day hear a roll: “We present to you, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Emma, and her husband, his majesty, King Killian.”

From peasant to slaveboy to pirate to hero to lover to husband to dad to prince to king.

Yeah good. I approve.