character: kelly parker


Kaylie: You designed a killer routine. I couldn’t see it. Just promise me from now on, you’ll ask me for help. Because that’s what FRIENDS do.
[Kelly smiles]
Kaylie: […] I just hate three quarter sleeves.
Kelly: Why?
Kaylie: I can trust you right?
[Kaylie shows her hand]
Kelly: Yeah you don’t wanna get that stuck in spandex. From now on, I promise to tell you everything. The fact, the good and the ugly. All the way.
Kaylie: Yup. You and me girl! All the way.
[they both high five and hug each other]

Make it or Break It #3.02

awh. i so love kaylie and kelly together :)

Kelly: Kaylie, I really appreciate you letting me unload on you. I kind of don’t have anybody that I can invite in and my mother isn’t really a touchy feely kind of woman. So…
: What about your friends?
Kelly: My mother doesn’t like me having friends. She’s concerned that friends are just something that gets in the way of me winning a gold medal.
Kaylie: Wow. You know, in all honesty Kelly, I don’t think I could have won Nationals without my friends.

Make it or Break it #2.18

ooh. sympathy votes for Kelly Parker! hahaha.