character: kelly parker

MIOBI Future Career - In Fav Order

1: Kaylie Cruz - She won all around gold, vault gold and floor bronze at the Olympics and after retirement became a presenter for future games. She explored a singer career for a short time and even made a CD but in the end knew that life just was not for her.
2: Kelly Parker - She found that she actually preferred not being a gymnast and created a great relationship with her father and his family. She never did fix things with her mother, due to her mother’s obsession with getting her back into the games, but she did go on to be a teacher for younger children.
3: Payson Keeler - She won all around bronze, uneven bars bronze and floor gold at the Olympics and after retirement she spent some time as a coach for other gymnasts at The Rock. She took a break from coaching in order to explore future college careers and eventually settled as a personal trainer, one of the top, most wanted and most highly paid trainers in the country.
4: Jordan Ranall - She won vault bronze and uneven bars silver at the Olympics and after retirement she spent most of her time training directly under Coach Mcintire. She used the money she won to spend some time at college and eventually went on to work with abused children, particularly those in hard sports where kids are pushed and feel they have no voice.
5: Emily Kmetko - Sadly her and Damon did not last romantically. Young lovers, let alone young parents, rarely last and Emily and Damon were not one of the few that did. They did however remain close friends and raised their daughter, McKayla (after the famous gymnast McKayla Maroney). McKayla quickly showed love for the sport, unfortunately it meant that Emily and Damon turned out quite like the Keeler’s in working hard in order to pay for her training however Emily is sure her baby girl will make the Olympic team and pay them back every penny with her talent.
6: Lauren Tanner - She was just beaten off the score board for Beam and was left devastated which meant she was very slow to do much else afterwards. However eventually she did pull herself together and, with the help of her fathers money, began designing and styling her own leotards and soon was designing every manner of product and style for the sport which would soon be used by gymnasts everywhere.

The medal ideas were inspired by

First, I’m criticizing a TV show and few days later, I’m in to it then get addicted. But the damn thing is, they’ve only made 2 or 3 seasons or even one of those series I love. I got very pissed when I couldn’t see the real end of Make It Or Break It’s (MIOBI) end. And then there’s The Secret Circle. I can’t imagine why they don’t continue the thing like seriously??!!! Why do they start something if they don’t want to make the end of it as well? 


I was trying to make some Kelly gifs and then her face reminded me of Payson’s face in that one and yeah. ?

It mostly reminded me of this fic.

Make It Or Break It Challenge - Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Leotard Overall

I think this one is quite obvious. I loved the leotards that each of the girls wore to the Worlds Team Finals.

They competed as a team and all of them overcame difficulties. Kaylie showed everyone that having an eating disorder doesn’t make you “weak” and basically gave a big “fuck you” to the NGO lol. Lauren came clean to Sasha about the photo scandal and was told by Sasha that she could become a better person, she just has to try. Payson showed that yes, she broke her back but she can still be an amazing gymnast. And finally, Kelly understood the meaning of the word “team”.

And they won the gold medal.