character: keegan


Here anon! Pants and some of his buddies. There was also a hound mix , rottie / lab mix, and a puggle but they stood by the door most of the time and aren’t impressed by the shenanigans of these guys.

Here we have Pants, Marv, and Tempe . Kamo the blue Merle (also intact and he’s Pants’ uncle though they have never played before. ) and Keegan the black tri. Ripley the Springer and Beatrice the Basset. Pants adores Bea. He was actually really good yesterday , especially considering we discovered Tempe is in season.

aesterea  asked:

what experiments were done on jason?

ok so to clear things up i’m gonna summarize their situation all in one!!

basically sierra, keegan, and jason have all been experimented on in some way when they were children or teenagers. they were all saved and taken into a house, which was originally just a lab but the scientist who found sierra - the first inhabitant - had the building expanded so there was room for living as well. there are more inhabitants than just the three, but they haven’t been developed yet. so they’re all in this safe house because the experiments done on them have impacted them so much that society would reject them and treat them badly. they can leave if they want to, though.

the scientists that saved them found out that there was this huge group of people who experimented on people to see how they could be genetically (or in some other way) modified. the kind of leaders leaders of the organization (at the time) were Sierra’s parents, who passed away when she was a baby. the members have since been missing and the good scientists have been finding these kids all over the world.

basically, jason is electric (if that’s the right word) - when he’s in any way not in control (for example laughing, crying, excited, angry, nervous) his fingers send electric shocks! when he’s very angry or just feeling something very intensely his whole body becomes electrified, so that if someone touched him they would get a slight shock

sierra’s experiments are what turned her into a cyborg

keegan was turned into something kind of like a werewolf. when he’s feeling a negative emotion such as anger or suspicion, his eyes turn red and he grows fangs & claws

thank you for asking :D sorry for the long ramble lmao !! <3

Two-Bit, being someone who idolizes Brando was trying to get into character for the project he had coming up playing a carpenter so he’d spent all day trying to build something which meant a lot of pintrest and a lot of mess. When Keegan got home, he stood up proudly, goggles on his face and picked up what looked like a few pieces of wood drilled together. “Look how fuckin’ butch your husband is right now. I made you a shelf. I figured you could put your scarves or something on it, maybe your tampons.” He grinned, “What do ya think?” 


maddwinter  asked:

how was their first impressions of each other? did they meet each other at the same place? <3

yes they all met at the lab!

so sierra was found and brought in when she was 5 years old (the cyborg part of her isnt just regular robot parts btw they grow and modify with her. feel like thats relevant lmao) and jason was 6 so they were basically like oh!!!! another child!!!! play with me!!! and they hit it off instantly

when keegan was brought in (much later! sierra was 16 and jason had just turned 18 - they’re currently 18 and 19) he was angry and scared and yelling at everyone. jason’s first impression was basically “WHAT. WHY HE YELL. WHAT DID I DO. WHAT AN A S S” while sierra kept rational and just saw someone who really needed help and went to comfort keegan when he had calmed down a little

keegan’s first impression of sierra was “weirdly calming, she’s like a mom but she’s my age + i’ve never had a proper mom this is weird go away wait no come back” and his first impression of jason was “he looks so terrified wait i might be doing that hold on why are his fingers crackling

thank youuuu!! <3