character: keegan

But it became clear very quickly that I’d underestimated how much I liked him. Not him, perhaps, but the fact that I had someone on the other end of an invisible line. Someone to update and get updates from, to inform of a comic discovery, to imagine while dancing in a lonely basement, and to return to, finally, when the music stopped.
—  Marina Keegan, The Opposite of Loneliness.

[Who’s someone on set that takes your jokes seriously?]

“Keegan [Allen], all the time. I’ll pretend I’m mad at him, and he’ll think about it all day and ask around, like, “Oh my God, what did I do to make her mad?” Shay and Troian would play along, like, “We don’t know. All we know is that she’s really pissed off.” [Laughs.] He’ll be texting me, like, “Can we just please talk?” He’s so fun to get.

I can’t remember one thing because I’ve done so many things to him. But it could be as stupid as me saying, “I cannot believe what you did.”

-Ashley Benson