character: katara


Katara: Master Pakku, Master Jeong Jeong, Master Piandao, King Bumi. I think we should just take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are.

Pakku: I thought you were dead, Bumi.

Bumi: No, I’m going to outlive you and then I’m going to nail your wife.

Pakku: Screw you, you old coot.

Piandao: Classic Pakku. You’re worse than Jeong Jeong.

Jeong Jeong: Shut your damn mouth, Piandao.

Katara: OK great, let’s go!
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Another peace meeting was set in Fire Nation, as the different leaders of each nation try to establish a friendly rapport with each other through drinks and merriment, Katara receives a confession from the drunk Fire Lord. Based on the prompt “I’m tired of pretending.”