character: karen mclair

I like all the wrong things…gossip girl, davina, dick van dyke, lady and the tramp, hannah montana, monster trucks, dancing on ice, mojitos, rio ferdinand, massala zone, poptarts, doodles, jude law’s accent in cold mountain, hair straighteners, love actually, kylie, whitney, britney, robbie, brucie, loreal, wild at heart, milk, comic relief, ponies, posh, becks, pecs, chitty chitty bang bang, and heavy petting.. fucking love that.


“Y’know, Gossip Girl, Davina, Dick Van Dyke, Lady and the Tramp, Hannah Montana, monster trucks, Dancing on Ice, mojitos, Rio Ferdinand, Masala Zone, Pop Tarts, Jude Law’s accent in Cold Mountain, hair straighteners, Love Actually, Kylie, Whitney, Britney, Robbie, Brucie, L’oreal, Wild At Heart, milk, Comic Relief, ponies, Posh, Becks, pecs, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and heavy petting. God, I fucking love that.”