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The Braves - Chapter 2

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Thank you all for the amazing reception you gave to this WW2 story.

As I wrote before, it’s entirely written already, even if I have to edit a lot of things – so it might take a while between chapters 

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Chapter 2. Katniss

Katniss startled awake to the sound of something she couldn’t recognize.

A loud, rumbling sound of something rolling.


What could be rolling? Sitting up in bed, she was immediately hit by the light coming from the green, ajar curtains.

Blinking, she looked around taking in the unfamiliar room. Heavy, velvety curtains hanging from the high windows, the crafted ceiling made of alabaster, everything screamed she didn’t belong in this room, in this place.

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The first official trailer for Mockingjay: Part One is here!

Thoughts on mockingjay (Contains some spoilers is you haven’t read the books)

My Initial Thoughts

  • Poor Katniss, but Jlaws acting is phenomial
  • Finnick and Gale were as much of woobies as Peeta
  • Boggs and Alphonso Mackenzie are fucking related
  • I am disappointed in the extreme lack of Joniss, I wanted an awesome reunion where Katniss told Johanna she was beautiful no matter what.
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman X3
  • Snow is a fucking creep.

Gimme for the next Movie….

  • More Joniss.