character: justice

Anders Appreciation Week:  Day 4:  Diligence

Pairing:  Justice x Anders


Anders had been working for days diligently to assist refugees.  There had been an outbreak of a terrible disease, and he was really trying to eradicate it, and save everyone affected by it.  Finally his body couldn’t take anymore, and he fell into sleep, all the refugees either cured or sleeping in the room next to his. 

He felt a familiar blue energy in his sleep, Justice was healing his body from its exhaustion, and he opened his eyes in the Fade.  There was Justice, a see through blue mirror of himself now. 

“Justice?”  Anders asked.

“This is… odd, it appears you dragged me to the fade with you this time in your sleep.”  Justice remarked.

Anders gave a nod and looked around the Fade.  “I mean, mages do sleep in the Fade.”  he commented.

“They do, but my presence is still trapped to yours.”  Justice remarked.

“You act like that’s such a terrible thing.”  Anders remarked.

Justice frowned.  “I know that our beliefs may be the same, but our emotions often collide.”  Justice spoke.

“They do, we overwhelm each other sometimes.”  Anders said softly.

“I worry that I am too much for you.”  Justice spoke.

Anders looked over at Justice and laughed a little.  “You’re too much for me?  I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, without you.”  he said softly.

“Perhaps not, but you would not be driven to do it as much without me either.”  Justice spoke.

Anders shook his head.  “It’s a good thing you’ve cured how lazy I can be.  I mean, I have very few vices left because of you.”  Anders replied.

“Except arguing with the elf who is covered with lyrium because you are petty.”  Justice remarked.

Anders’ mouth dropped open.  “Was that sass?  Are you sassing me right now?”  he teased.

Justice rubbed the back of his head.  “I have… learned some things from you during our time together.”

Anders smiled a little.  “Well, it’s only because of you that I can remain so diligent.”  he said softly.

“But do you want to remain so diligent all the time?”  Justice asked.

“Well… maybe not all the time, but I think it’s good for us overall now, to be together like this.  You’re learning from me, as much as I’m learning from you.”  Anders replied.

Justice looked down.  “Perhaps more than you know, I have learned from you.”  Justice replied.

Anders blinked and looked at Justice, really looked at him.  His eyes were downcast, his cheeks were blushing a dark blue, and he looked so… vulnerable.  Anders smiled a little and reached a hand to his see through cheek. 

“This might be weird, but maybe I could teach you more.”  Anders whispered.

Justice looked back up at him and gulped, a nervous look on the spirit’s face.  Anders leaned in and kissed Justice, and the spirit… kissed back. 

Justice was learning how to love, and Anders was teaching him.  Even if Justice pushed Anders and made him change to become more diligent and more fueled in his purpose.  In a way, it was good, they were balancing each other out.  And here they were, about to take their first steps toward something else as well.



False Justice spreads upon the people and the ruin of the world is near. They will take everything from you, if you do nothing. What is your answer? Will you use the strength within you to take it back? Very well, I have heeded your resolve. Vow to me. I am thou, thou art I…

Here is a necklace I made of all the souls from Undertale and a few others from some AUs.

Here is a labeled picture.


Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

Underdecay belongs to @little-noko

Assylumtale belongs to @furgemancs

Fear (Betty) and Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart

Aftertale belongs to @loverofpiggies

Cross sans and Underverse belongs to @jakei95

Fatal Error belongs to @fatal-error-blog

Mixt and Undermixture belongs to me @bunny222 and can be found at @undermixture

Momma CQ, Kid Fresh, Kid Geno and Kid Error belong to @alainaprana

This was mainly inspired by @magoo-the-traveler‘s amazing Assylumtale bracelet!

From Jordan Edwards to Alton Sterling, what will it take for justice to be served?

Jordan Edwards should be alive. The 15-year-old honor roll student was leaving a house party in Balch Springs, Texas, when he was shot and killed by an officer responding to a call about “drunk teens.” His two brothers were arrested while Jordan lay dying in the front seat of the car, his family said in a statement.

Edwards’ family responded to news that the officer who shot him, Roy Oliver, had been fired on Tuesday night. “The magnitude of his horrible actions cannot be overstated, the family said in a statement. "We fully expect an equivalent response from those responsible for investigating and punishing the crime.”

We can only hope that the family’s hopes and expectations for justice won’t be in vain. But if we look to recent developments in police shooting cases, for too long, families of victims of police brutality have waited months — and even years— for answers. Too often, officers are not held accountable for their actions. Read more (Opinion)

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