character: john young


Requested, thank you

“Young, so glad you could join us” Sherlock said, using your last name to address you. “You can call me Y/N” you assured him. “Great, well Y/N I know you just arrived but you’ve come in the middle of a case, so I hope you’re quick on your toes we’ve got work to do” Sherlock nodded as he pulled open the door and exited. “Well he’s very… intense?” you chuckle looking over to John. “I suppose that’s one word to describe him” he grinned as he held the door open for you. 


45 years ago today, April 21, 1972, Astronaut John Young’s Lunar Grand Prix, performed during the first EVA of Apollo 16. Filmed by Astronaut Charlie Duke with the 16mm film Data Acquisition Camera (DAC). This footage is synced up with the air to ground audio from the event.