character: john frobisher

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More! Can you get her to collect more not-Twelves? How about poor Frobisher?

And when you run out…other Capaldis.

After Caecilius proves to be a bit of a dud, Missy banishes him to the depths of her TARDIS. She won’t let him go because a) the Doctor told her to so she has to do the opposite and b) she might need him to make 12 jealous in the future. So she sends him off to the museum she has somewhere in her TARDIS. She likes to collect a souvenir from each place she conquers. It’s not that she’s nostalgic, but it is proof that she can use to show off to the Doctor. It’s kind of like she’s gone off to battle and has come back with the decapitated head of the other army’s leader to prove she did good (except she very rarely brings back decapitated heads these days because the smell got to be quite awful and they attracted a lot of flies). So she sends Caecilius off to her museum full of souvenirs and stolen artwork etc. He’s in heaven and says the phrase “Modern art!” no less than 172 times per day. It keeps him occupied. 

Then Missy sees an article in a newspaper about a good man called John Frobisher. It’s him! So off she pops. 

John Frobisher sits on his daughter’s bed, gun to his head when all of a sudden there’s a whirring noise and a box that looks like a wardrobe appears. The shock makes him hesitate for a second. For a few seconds, no sound can be heard from the bedroom. 

“I see you had all the fun without me,” Missy chastises as she takes in the sight of the 3 dead bodies. “Never mind, we’ll find some more fun to have.together. Although I am a little hurt that you choose a human wife to have offspring with when you have a perfectly good Time Lady available. If you wanted time tots, all you had to do was ask. Never mind. She’s gone now and your Mistress is here.” 

As she chatters away, she plucks the gun out of his hand and ushers him into the TARDIS. He’s too shocked to protest and follows her orders without having any real sensation of what he’s doing. 

“So do you think you’re a human like the last one?” Missy asks. Frobisher says nothing, still dazed. 

Missy whisks him straight off to 12 to brag. In hindsight, she probably should’ve spent a little more time checking his identity. 

“Look Doctor!” she announces proudly as she pulls Frobisher out of the TARDIS. “I’ve caught another you!” 

12 looks up and sees his own face before him with silent tears beginning to spill from the corners of his eyes. 12 walks over to the man and ushers him to sit down with a gentle hand on his back. 

“Tell me, what’s wrong,” the Doctor says. 

So Frobisher speaks. He tells him everything - the 456, the children, his impossible choice and the actions he can never take back. The Doctor’s hearts go out to Frobisher and he vows to do everything he can to fix the situation. 12 takes Frobisher into his TARDIS and transports them back to London, 2009 (day 3). Missy reluctantly follows, complaining about the fact that 12 has stolen her hostage and the hostage is being incredibly rude by helping the enemy to get one over her. 

“We tried, Doctor,” Frobisher says just as 12 is about to step into Thames House. “There was no way of stopping the 456. They’d kill us all.” 

“I’m not leaving until the 456 have left and all the children are safe,” 12 replies. “The 456 will know that this planet and all its children are protected by me.” 

“You’re a good man,” Frobisher says. 

“So are you,” 12 replies, hand on Frobisher’s shoulder. 

As he steps through the door, he pulls out his psychic paper.

 “Doctor Funkenstein, President of Earth. I’m here to speak with the 456.” 

(God dammit, Doctor, this is not the time for silly names.)

Missy just rolls her eyes at the antics before walking off in a huff. She might head over to Downing Street and take over the Prime Ministership again. She’d really gotten under the Doctor’s skin the last time she did that. Plus bossing the little humans around is always fun. 

To be continued…


Peter’s character on Torchwood, John Frobisher.  Didn’t really watch Torchwood but this clip broke my heart.  The “villain” known as the 456 demanded a percentage of Earth’s children.  Frobisher’s boss told Frobisher to hand over his own children (to make it look like the government was suffering too).  Desperate, he feels he has to protect his family from an inescapable danger. 

Peter Capaldi’s amazing.


So it turns out poor doomed Frobisher with his totally non-confrontational glasses does have a teeny tiny bit of Malcolm in him.  But when he finally lets him out, it is at the worst possible time to the worst possible person. 


Everyone has this vision of Peter Capaldi from the Thick of It.  But when I see the 12th Doctor, I see John Frobisher of Torchwood.

He was a good man.  A tortured soul.  A troubled man whose hand was forced into tragedy.  Sure, Torchwood isn’t the show Doctor Who is, but it had its moments and it had its characters and this was one of the more memorable.

Peter Capaldi will be a great Doctor.  I have faith in his acting ability.