character: jeremy gilbert


You: (whispering into his ear) “Nice jacket, I bet it would look better on my bedroom floor though.”
Jeremy: (gasps) “I’m working right now, (Y/N).”
You: (smile) “Oh, oopsy.”
Jeremy: “Why are you doing this?”
You: “I want you.”
Jeremy: “You have to wait ‘til I’m done.”
You: (pout) “I can’t.”
Jeremy: (smirks) “That’s too bad..”

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Because i’m in love with you

Request - Can you please write a story where you’re best friends with Kol but he’s in love with you but you don’t know about it. You’re with Jeremy and you’re in love with him, he’s your boyfriend. One day out of the blue Kol starts arguing with you. You’re completely lost to why he started to pick a fight with you and he blurts out he’s in love with you but before you can say anything Jeremy walks in.

I changed the story a bit which i hope is okay :) I might write a part 2 to this, depending on the reactions to it. 

Word count - 1097

“I’ll be round soon with it and chocolate, don’t worry” Jeremy laughed on the other side of the phone. 

You were going to be having a lazy day with Jeremy, your boyfriend, at your house as you weren’t feeling up to going out at all and facing all the vampires roaming round Mystic Falls. Jeremy was on his way over with chocolate and a few films to watch through the day. You and Jeremy had been together a few months now and you were completely in love with him. Although your best friend, Kol, didn’t approve of him. Mostly because Jeremy was one of the five and Kol was afraid that one day, he’ll try to kill him. 

“Okay. Hurry though, i miss you” You replied to Jeremy over the phone. After an exchange of ‘I love you’s’, you heard the door knock. “That was a quick soon” you shouted through the door while laughing. As you opened the door, you soon realised that it wasn’t your boyfriend, it was Kol.

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“Oh thank god you’re okay” Kol said as he wrapped his long arms around you. “Why haven’t you answered any of my texts, I’ve been worried” he confessed. 

“Well for one, yesterday i was throwing up all day so i didn’t really want to talk to anyone and today, i only woke up half an hour ago and I’ve been waiting for Jeremy so i couldn’t really reply. Speaking of whom, he will be here soon and considering you two don’t really like each other, it would be best if you leave. If i’m feeling better later, i’ll come round and we can catch up” As soon as you mentioned Jeremy, Kol rolled his eyes. You knew he didn’t like him but he didn’t have to be so rude and up front about it. 

“Why are you still with that Gilbert boy? He’s not good enough for you. You, my love, deserve someone who makes you feel alive.” He said in a deep voice, stroking your cheek.

“Kol, we’ve been through this before” You answered, standing up with your hand on your hip. “I love him and nothing you can say will make me chance my feelings and for your information he does make me feel alive. He also makes me feel safe and he makes me happy. Which is more than i can say for all my other boyfriends”

You hadn’t really had much luck with boyfriends over the past few years. One was an enemy of the Mikaelsons who was just using you to get to them, another was a psychopath and all the other’s were just normal, immature boys. Kol knew this, as he was the one who ended all those relationships by killing them all. You weren’t going to let that happen this time. 

 “There are a few things that i could say that would change your mind, but they’re for another day” As soon as the last word left his lips, he stood up and started to walk out. He almost looked upset when you saw his face. 

“Kol wait” You shouted out to him, running in front of him to stop him from leaving so soon after saying that without explaining himself. You knew this wouldn’t stop him as he was an original and one of the strongest vampires you knew. “Tell me now” Your voice was barely a whisper but there was still hints of curiosity and nervousness in it. 

“It don’t matter Y/N. Enjoy your day with your boyfriend, ill talk to you tomorrow.” You hated when he did stuff like this, say something then make you wait a while to know what he meant. Although whenever he did this, you could always sense that he was lying when the time finally came to tell you.

“No Kol. You always do this. You say something, then say you’ll tell me another day and when that day finally comes, you lie to me” Kol looked like he was going to start speaking but you hadn’t finished. “Don’t try to deny the fact that you lie, because i know you do. Remember that time i asked you what you were going out to do, you said you’d tell me when you get back right?” He nodded in response. “When you came back, you said you went to get a drink but i could tell you were lying so i went and asked Klaus. He told me that you killed 3 people feeding that day. That’s how i know that you lie to me and yet you’re still my best friend. That proves that i’m always going to be here for you and with you. So just tell me” You pleaded. You were desperate to know what he meant, it was eating you alive and you only heard it less than 5 minutes ago.

“Fine,i’ll tell you but you have to promise me one thing” You nodded your head to signal Kol that you would promise him anything. “You won’t start to avoid me or stop being my friend just because of what i tell you next”

“I promise you Kol. Nothing will make me avoid you. I will always completely understand you.”

Kol finally moved from his spot in your doorway. He grabbed your hand and walked with you over to your sofa, sat down and looked you right in the eyes. You and Kol were always close, ever since his brother, Klaus, undaggered him. You two clicked, but not in a romantic way. It was like you were friend soulmates.

“Wow, this is harder than i thought it would be” Kol stuttered. You had no idea what could be so big that he was this nervous to tell you. “Y/N… the way that i act around you, the reason why im overly protective of you is… is because i’m in love with you”

“You’re what?” A third voice appeared from behind you and Kol. Jeremy had just walked in and heard Kol’s confession. After an awkward few seconds, Kol finally spoke.

“I’m gonna go, i’ll talk to you soon” and in that second, Kol used his vampire speed to disappear from your house. 

“What happened after we ended the phone call?” Jeremy questioned. You couldn’t tell if he was angry, confused or just curious. That was the problem with Jeremy, you could never tell how he was feeling.

You then knew that you had to tell Jeremy. You told him what happened and then something new happened. You could tell what Jeremy was thinking. He wanted to kill Kol.

punished (jeremy gilbert one-shot)

Prompt: Your best friend Jeremy went on a hunting trip per Alaric’s request, and he specifically asked you to stay home. You, of course did the opposite and it almost cost you your life.

Requested: imagine number two with Jeremy Gilbert (picked from THIS list)

Pairing Jeremy Gilbert x Reader

Warnings: smut, lil rough smut maybe, spanking, nsfw image

A/N: I’m rereading this and holy shit this sucks. I’m sorry everyone. I’m still working to improve my smut writing. I hope you guys don’t dislike this as much as I do.

Jeremy pulls you inside your home and he slams the door shut and locks it. You wince and jump as he lets go of your hand and runs his hands through his long brown locks. He remained silent for a few more moments before sliding his hands across a small dresser and knocking everything down.


He sits down on your couch and runs his hands through his hair once again. You are tempted to pull his hands away, but you hold yourself back. After all, you directly disobeyed Jeremy’s order and this time, you put your life at stake.

“You know, normally I get mad, but I brush it off because you’re okay. You only want to help and I understand that, Y/N, believe me I do.” Jeremy looks at you tiredly and your heart wrenches. “But this time you put yourself on the line to save me. How the hell would I be able to live with myself?”

Jeremy whimpers and you immediately walk over to him, engulfing him in a hug he eagerly returns. He wraps his arms tightly around your back and yours immediately go around his shoulders. He holds you close and pulls you into his lap, as though he’d lose you if he let go.

“You’re the only person who keeps me sane, Y/N. You’re my beautiful best friend,” Jeremy whispers against the crook of your neck and nuzzles you. “God I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re all I’ve got, Jer,” you rub his head and hold him close. “If scheming behind your back means that I get to keep you alive, I will do it.”

“What?” He pulls away slightly and looks up at you.

“If I hadn’t stepped in, Michael would have killed you,” you whispered, unable to meet his gaze. “Elijah was in town and decided to warn me, so I immediately went to Rick and it turns out that Klaus told Stefan the same thing.” You brush the hair out of his eyes and kiss his forehead. “I’m so happy you’re alive, Jeremy. I’d gladly risk myself for you, for a person who is so full of determination and light,” you whisper and kiss his closed eyes.

“I love you,” Jeremy whispers and his warm breath hits your neck as you look down a him, ready with your usual reply. “No, Y/N,” he whispers and lays gentle kisses along your jaw. “I’m so in love with you.”

“Jer,” your breath becomes caught in your throat as he removes himself from you, ready for rejection. “I never thought you’d say that.” He looks up at you and you place your lips against his, as though in a rush.

Jeremy responds fervently, one hand splayed across the small of your back as he intensifies the kiss. His free hand reaches up and lightly tugs your hair, causing you to gasp. He takes that opportunity to let his tongue slide into the crevice of your eager mouth. Your tongues wrestle as Jeremy lets his hands wander to your ass. You gasp and he removes his mouth from yours only to place it alongside your neck.

“You’re so, so beautiful Y/N,” Jeremy whispers against your neck as he lays soft, fluttering kisses against the base of your throat. “I can’t believe I almost lost you tonight.”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, Gilbert,” you chuckle breathlessly and tug on his hair as he sucks down on your sweet spot.

“Who says I want to?” His lips quirk up one end as he looks down at the mark near your collarbone.

You let out a small hum of appreciation before moving your lips to Jer’s neck, causing him to whimper slightly. You kiss the side and slowly make your way to the small patch of skin just below his ear. You nip him lightly and he lets out a low moan, gripping your ass roughly. Smirking, you begin to suck on his sweet spot until a purple splotch covered it. You feel Jer’s erection growing underneath you and you gasp, closing your eyes to prevent a moan from escaping.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Jeremy groans and tugs your hair. “I’m so upset with you but I love you so much.”

“Take your anger out on me,” you whisper and his breath hitches in his throat, eyes darting to yours.

“W-what?” Jeremy squeaks out as you slowly stand in front of him.

“Take your anger out on me,” you whisper again, hoping that he catches on to what you’re saying. His eyes grow dark as a smirk makes it way to his lips.

“Oh dear, sweet Y/N, you’ve got no idea what you’re in for, do you?” Jer whispers and pulls you close. He lifts  up your shirt lightly and lays a small kiss on your bare stomach, close to your navel. He looks at you and waits a moment before his expression hardens and he suddenly smacks your ass. “I asked you a question.”

“S-sorry. I-I don’t know what I’m in for, no,” you whisper and look him in the eye as you bite your lip.

“It’s okay,” Jeremy whispers, resting his chin against your abdomen as his right hands rubs the area he smacked. “Sorry, babe. I know it stings, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.” Jeremy sits back and watches you. “You’re sure you want this?”

“Yes,” you nod immediately, never breaking eye contact. “I need this,” you whisper as Jeremy snarls.

“Turn around for me,” he whispers and you spin on your heels, your ass now in his face. Your short skirt made Jeremy moan, his erection growing immensely.

“Take your shirt off,” he sits up, elbows on his knees.You quickly turn around and look at him, confused. “I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?”

You shake your head and quickly remove your shirt, allowing your nude mesh bra to come to his view. Jeremy leans forward and grabs your clothed breasts in his hands, gently kneading them as you whimper under his touch.

“I want to hear you, princess,” he whispers and removes his hands from your breasts to your ass, squeezing gently and causing you to moan. “Just like that. I want to hear how I make you feel.” You nod as he continues to rub your ass, your hands moving towards your breast in hopes of creating more pleasure.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Jeremy yells out and immediately removes himself from you, leaving you vulnerable and confused. “You cannot play with yourself, touch yourself, or bring any sort of pleasure to yourself. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes,” you whisper and remove one hand from your breast. He raises his brows at you and you nod, melting under the intensity of his gaze and removing your other hand as well.

“Good girl,” he whispers and smacks your ass. “Take off your bra,” he whispers, biting your bare abdomen in the process. You quickly oblige, throwing your bra across the room a few seconds later. Jeremy’s lips slowly move up towards your breast, sucking and nipping on the skin around it.

“J-Jer,” you squirm and breathe heavily as his lips finally find their way to your sensitive buds. His left hand grabs your right breast, taking your nipple between his index finger and thumb while his mouth works on your left side. You let out a soft scream as he takes your bud between his teeth and smirks at you.

“You’re so sexy,” Jeremy whispers and sits back, lounging on the sofa. He pulls off his shirt and unbuckles his belt, slowly pushing down his pants and pulling out his erect member. You stood there, eyes wide and mouth silent as you took in his size. Jeremy was huge, thick and large as his eyes raked over your body. He wrapped his hand around his member and moaned, slowly moving his hand up and down his length. You tried to move forward and help him, but he held up a hand.

“Don’t move, Y/N. Let me watch you squirm as I touch myself. Watch my cock grow and wish you could have it in you, in your mouth,” he whispers and you shiver, the pool in your panties only growing bigger. Jeremy moans your name as he continues pumping his member.

You watch him and squirm, wishing that you could find your release with him. You watch his face as he causes himself pleasure while thinking of you. You wish it was you that was giving him the pleasure instead, you wish that he would ram his thick cock in and out of you. Before you can stop yourself, you move your hand down to the pool of your panties and you slowly push your panties aside and rub your folds.

“Y/N!” Jeremy yells and you look up at him, just then noticing what you had done. “I thought I said no touching yourself?”

“Y-yes,” your eyes widen and you nod. “I-I’m so sorry! I promise it won’t happen again,” you whimper and Jeremy stands, walking over directly behind you.

“Damn right it won’t,” he whispers and his hand immediately pushes past your panties and slaps your opening. “THIS,” Jeremy pinches your folds together and you yelp, arching back against him. “This is mine,” he growls against your neck, letting go of your folds and finding your clit. “THIS,” he flicks your clit and you moan loudly. “THIS is mine. No one but me can play with it. Understood?” You nod quickly and his hands rub your slit. His free hand smacks your ass much more roughly than before. “I need words, Y/N. Do. You. Understand. Me?”

“Y-yes,” you whisper breathily and Jeremy hums in appreciation, his mouth marking the side of your neck as his hand moves quickly over you in an almost animalistic manner.

“Who does this beautiful, soaking pussy belong to, Y/N?” Jeremy nips your earlobe as his slim fingers rub circles against your slit.
“Y-YOU!” You scream out as Jeremy rams two fingers inside of you, his thumb working on your clit.

“All mine,” he growls, his fingers rapidly moving on and out of you as his thumb flicked your clit repeatedly.

“I-I’m so close,” you whimper and Jeremy’s movements stop almost immediately, causing you to whine. “W-Wha–?”

“I’m punishing you,” he whispers and rubs his erection against your clothed ass before removing himself from you completely. He smirks as you turn around to face him. “I’m gonna go take a cold shower, babe.” Jeremy winks and quickly walks away, leaving you flustered and breathless.

If you have ever lost someone important to you, then you already know how it feels; and if you haven’t, then you can’t possibly imagine it.


Requested, thank you

“Now I’ve got this trip totally planned out and it’s going to be great, if you two don’t let  any tension creep up” you warned the boys pointing between them both. “Now when has that ever happened between us before?” Kol asked, smirking sarcastically at you. Jeremy rolled his eyes in response. “I saw that Jer. Now please can you guys play nice? I don’t want to be like an angry mother threatening to turn the car around every ten minutes” you grinned, though you were being serious as well. “Sorry. I promise there will be no trouble, from me at least” Jer assured you before throwing a look Kol’s way. “Neither from me” Kol nodded.

Requested - Tyler Lockwood x Reader

Request: Anonymous -  Heya :) could you please do a Tyler Lockwood x reader where Tyler and the reader grew up together as close friends, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is also close friends with Jeremy and Tyler thinks they like each other. One day he goes too far and Jeremy confronts him?

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“Hey.” You greeted Tyler and Jeremy as you sat down at the bar of the Mytsic Grill. Jeremy gave you a warm smile from behind the bar, twisting a cloth in a glass in his hands. Tyler didn’t look up from the glass he was cradling, just gave you a small grunt in response.

You rolled your eyes, glancing at Jeremy as if to ask for an explanation. Jeremy just shrugged, smirking and busied himself fixing you a drink. Tyler had been your best friend since before you could even remember. You two had always had fun, laughing and joking all the time.

Tyler was always the only one who could cheer you up when you were upset. He’d always stuck up for you and looked after you. All your friends had even teased you both, saying that you would end up falling for each other.

Lately though, Tyler was acting off around you and you couldn’t understand why. He was always teasing you, but not in a friendly way and he would make harsh comments, which would upset you for days.

“What’s going on?” You implored, nudging Tyler a little. He shrugged you off, furrowing his brows. Eventually, you gave up on trying to get him to communicate, choosing instead to engage in some playful banter with Jeremy while he wasn’t too busy.

You and Jeremy had become closer lately; he was a good friend and always listened when you needed someone to talk to. You laughed and joked with Jeremy, giving him a playful swat on the arm when he made a flirty joke.

Tyler’s head snapped up from his drink, glaring at the pair of you. He stood from the bar, mumbling something under his breath.

“What was that?” You asked. He shot you a glare.

“I said,” He began, “You’re such a tease, no wonder no-one wants to date you.” Your stomach sank. Tyler had been a little harsh lately, sure, but that was one of the nastiest things he’d ever said to you.

Jeremy noticed your crestfallen expression. He stepped out from around the bar, a frown on his face. He held his arms up and stepped in front of you, positioning himself between you and Tyler.

“What the hell, man?” He asked, raising his voice a little. You shrank back behind him, still in shock that Tyler would upset you so easily.

Tyler snorted. “It’s true!” He snapped back, stepping up to Jeremy. “She just strings guys along and then flirts with someone else!” He fumed, his voice becoming louder with every word.

You felt tears pooling in your eyes, hurt by his words. You’d never meant to come across that way, especially not with Tyler. Jeremy gave a harsh laugh, crossing his arms in front of Tyler.

“You’re so stupid.” He laughed, realising what Tyler’s problem was. “She’s not flirting with me, believe me.” Your head snapped up to look at them both as you also understood why Tyler was so angry.

Tyler wore an expression of shock, his eyes darting from your face to Jeremy’s, searching for more explanation.

“She likes you back, moron.” Jeremy told him, rolling his eyes. He shook his head, muttering something about leaving you two to it as he walked away.

Just do it- Jeremy Gilbert imagine

“Miss me” I said coming up behind Jeremy and giving him a hug from the back. He was a little shocked at first.

“We talked all night, last night.” He laughed, while turning around to face me.

“I know, it’s been 7 hours.” He smiled. Oh my goodness, his smile always makes my day.
His phone vibrated. He checked his phone. I could tell something was up, he always gets in a protective position when something’s wrong.

“What’s wrong” I asked.

“Elena needs me” he said grabbing his stuff.

“I’m coming with you”

“No. It’s to dangerous Y/n, I’m not going to let you get hurt” He said in very sexy demanding voice.

“Sorry Jeremy, but that’s not your decision. Last time you went to go do something, you didn’t wake up until three days after.” We were headed towards his car.


I entered Jeremy’s house looking around for anyone.
“Elena” he shouted.

“In here Jeremy help!” We heard Elena shout back from the kitchen, she sounded hurt.

We ran towards the kitchen to help her, there was blood on her shirt and she was on the floor.

“Omg Elena, what happened.” I said while, I ran towards her.

The thing was that it wasn’t Elena, but Katherine. She had grabbed me from behind and was holding a knife over my neck.

“Katherine, let her go” Jeremy said.

“She wasn’t supposed to be the one that got hurt Jeremy. You were suppose to come alone.” She put the knife closer to my neck.

“I was her for you, I was going to kill you. That would’ve pissed off precious little Elena. But if I kill you little girlfriend instead not only will it hurt Elena, it’ll hurt you.”

“Noo! Take me. Just let her go.” Jeremy was trying to trade his life for mine”

“Don’t hurt him” I could barely speak.


The front door slammed, Stefan and Elena were here.
“Ohh no, there here to ruin the fun” Katherine said, fake pouting.

“Katherine, you don’t want to do this” Steven said.
She picked up the knife we all thought she was going to drop it, but no. She stabbed me right on my side.

“That’s where your wrong Stefan, I play by my own rules” she said, before dropping me on the floor and speeding out.

“Y/n” Jeremy ran towards me, he fell to the floor. He was holding me.

“Elena do something” his voice has filled with so much worry. “Jeremy, I have to tell you something.” I could barely speak.

“No. You can tell me after, after you live.” He moved my hair to the side to you could see my face.

“Jeremy, I love you” was all I could say before I blacked out.


I woke up, I was on Jeremy’s bed. I only dreamt of this about a billion times.

“Hey sleepyhead” I looked to my right to see Jeremy sitting on chair.

“What happened, all I remember was blacking out. I thought I was gone” I said sitting up.

“Stefan fed you his blood.” He got up from his chair and got up on the bed next to me. “I was scared” I said, I was leaning on him.

He had a arm wrapped around me, comforting me. “You should sleep, you need your rest” I laid down, and closed my eyes.

“I love you to, Y/n” he said before kissing my forehead, and going to sleep next to me.