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“Now I’ve got this trip totally planned out and it’s going to be great, if you two don’t let  any tension creep up” you warned the boys pointing between them both. “Now when has that ever happened between us before?” Kol asked, smirking sarcastically at you. Jeremy rolled his eyes in response. “I saw that Jer. Now please can you guys play nice? I don’t want to be like an angry mother threatening to turn the car around every ten minutes” you grinned, though you were being serious as well. “Sorry. I promise there will be no trouble, from me at least” Jer assured you before throwing a look Kol’s way. “Neither from me” Kol nodded.

Because i’m in love with you

Request - Can you please write a story where you’re best friends with Kol but he’s in love with you but you don’t know about it. You’re with Jeremy and you’re in love with him, he’s your boyfriend. One day out of the blue Kol starts arguing with you. You’re completely lost to why he started to pick a fight with you and he blurts out he’s in love with you but before you can say anything Jeremy walks in.

I changed the story a bit which i hope is okay :) I might write a part 2 to this, depending on the reactions to it. 

Word count - 1097

“I’ll be round soon with it and chocolate, don’t worry” Jeremy laughed on the other side of the phone. 

You were going to be having a lazy day with Jeremy, your boyfriend, at your house as you weren’t feeling up to going out at all and facing all the vampires roaming round Mystic Falls. Jeremy was on his way over with chocolate and a few films to watch through the day. You and Jeremy had been together a few months now and you were completely in love with him. Although your best friend, Kol, didn’t approve of him. Mostly because Jeremy was one of the five and Kol was afraid that one day, he’ll try to kill him. 

“Okay. Hurry though, i miss you” You replied to Jeremy over the phone. After an exchange of ‘I love you’s’, you heard the door knock. “That was a quick soon” you shouted through the door while laughing. As you opened the door, you soon realised that it wasn’t your boyfriend, it was Kol.

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“Oh thank god you’re okay” Kol said as he wrapped his long arms around you. “Why haven’t you answered any of my texts, I’ve been worried” he confessed. 

“Well for one, yesterday i was throwing up all day so i didn’t really want to talk to anyone and today, i only woke up half an hour ago and I’ve been waiting for Jeremy so i couldn’t really reply. Speaking of whom, he will be here soon and considering you two don’t really like each other, it would be best if you leave. If i’m feeling better later, i’ll come round and we can catch up” As soon as you mentioned Jeremy, Kol rolled his eyes. You knew he didn’t like him but he didn’t have to be so rude and up front about it. 

“Why are you still with that Gilbert boy? He’s not good enough for you. You, my love, deserve someone who makes you feel alive.” He said in a deep voice, stroking your cheek.

“Kol, we’ve been through this before” You answered, standing up with your hand on your hip. “I love him and nothing you can say will make me chance my feelings and for your information he does make me feel alive. He also makes me feel safe and he makes me happy. Which is more than i can say for all my other boyfriends”

You hadn’t really had much luck with boyfriends over the past few years. One was an enemy of the Mikaelsons who was just using you to get to them, another was a psychopath and all the other’s were just normal, immature boys. Kol knew this, as he was the one who ended all those relationships by killing them all. You weren’t going to let that happen this time. 

 “There are a few things that i could say that would change your mind, but they’re for another day” As soon as the last word left his lips, he stood up and started to walk out. He almost looked upset when you saw his face. 

“Kol wait” You shouted out to him, running in front of him to stop him from leaving so soon after saying that without explaining himself. You knew this wouldn’t stop him as he was an original and one of the strongest vampires you knew. “Tell me now” Your voice was barely a whisper but there was still hints of curiosity and nervousness in it. 

“It don’t matter Y/N. Enjoy your day with your boyfriend, ill talk to you tomorrow.” You hated when he did stuff like this, say something then make you wait a while to know what he meant. Although whenever he did this, you could always sense that he was lying when the time finally came to tell you.

“No Kol. You always do this. You say something, then say you’ll tell me another day and when that day finally comes, you lie to me” Kol looked like he was going to start speaking but you hadn’t finished. “Don’t try to deny the fact that you lie, because i know you do. Remember that time i asked you what you were going out to do, you said you’d tell me when you get back right?” He nodded in response. “When you came back, you said you went to get a drink but i could tell you were lying so i went and asked Klaus. He told me that you killed 3 people feeding that day. That’s how i know that you lie to me and yet you’re still my best friend. That proves that i’m always going to be here for you and with you. So just tell me” You pleaded. You were desperate to know what he meant, it was eating you alive and you only heard it less than 5 minutes ago.

“Fine,i’ll tell you but you have to promise me one thing” You nodded your head to signal Kol that you would promise him anything. “You won’t start to avoid me or stop being my friend just because of what i tell you next”

“I promise you Kol. Nothing will make me avoid you. I will always completely understand you.”

Kol finally moved from his spot in your doorway. He grabbed your hand and walked with you over to your sofa, sat down and looked you right in the eyes. You and Kol were always close, ever since his brother, Klaus, undaggered him. You two clicked, but not in a romantic way. It was like you were friend soulmates.

“Wow, this is harder than i thought it would be” Kol stuttered. You had no idea what could be so big that he was this nervous to tell you. “Y/N… the way that i act around you, the reason why im overly protective of you is… is because i’m in love with you”

“You’re what?” A third voice appeared from behind you and Kol. Jeremy had just walked in and heard Kol’s confession. After an awkward few seconds, Kol finally spoke.

“I’m gonna go, i’ll talk to you soon” and in that second, Kol used his vampire speed to disappear from your house. 

“What happened after we ended the phone call?” Jeremy questioned. You couldn’t tell if he was angry, confused or just curious. That was the problem with Jeremy, you could never tell how he was feeling.

You then knew that you had to tell Jeremy. You told him what happened and then something new happened. You could tell what Jeremy was thinking. He wanted to kill Kol.


“Jer, is there any um… hunter, supernatural creature relationship rules?” you asked, eyes down on the arrow you were twiddling in her hands. His brows furrowed, a light grin on his lips as he looked at you. “Uh, not really? I mean even if there was I couldn’t really tell you what to do with my track record” he chuckled. “Why? Someone take your interest?” he teased smirking at you. “Wha-no, I-I was just wondering” you scoffed though Jeremy knew there was someone but wasn’t sure as to who yet.


You: (whispering into his ear) “Nice jacket, I bet it would look better on my bedroom floor though.”
Jeremy: (gasps) “I’m working right now, (Y/N).”
You: (smile) “Oh, oopsy.”
Jeremy: “Why are you doing this?”
You: “I want you.”
Jeremy: “You have to wait ‘til I’m done.”
You: (pout) “I can’t.”
Jeremy: (smirks) “That’s too bad..”

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