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Request - Jeremy Gilbert “Let’s make History”

The door already opened before your finger could reach the bell. He had a smile on his face and for a moment you thought that he was wearing a shirt he had never worn before.
“Come in.” He opened the door a little wider and you stepped in even more surprised when you noticed how there were candles burning in the living room, although it was still light outside.
“I did some research…” You wanted to take your jacket off, but Jeremy hurried towards you, helping you out of it before putting it over a chair, carefully.
“Yeah, sounds good.” He was staring at you and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, feeling a little bit uncomfortable about it.
“I thought that maybe…” You couldn’t finish your sentence, interrupted by his excited voice.
“Do you want tea or something?” He cocked his head and you shook yours.
“Yes, sure…” You grabbed a chair and sat down, waiting until Jeremy came back from the kitchen, giving you a hot mug filled with your favourite tea.
“I heard you like this one, right?” Jeremy grabbed the chair next to you and you nodded, your eyebrows frowned.
“Thanks, so I was thinking that maybe we could….” You stopped talking when you noticed how he was staring at you, a smile on his face, a blush on his cheeks.
“I’m glad you’re my history-partner.” Jeremy filled the silence and you bent your head and bit your lip.
“Yes, me too. I thought that maybe we could write something about…” You started laughing when Jeremy was interrupting you again.
“Damn, you have a pretty ring.” He grabbed your hand and you stared at the ring for a moment, your eyes meeting his as soon as he looked up. “Did your boyfriend give you that?” He put your hand down and you saw how he looked at you with wide open eyes, the veins visible in his neck.
“No, I got it from my grandparents for my birthday.” You started to blush a little, while Jeremy grabbed your hand again, moving it a little closer towards him. You weren’t sure if he was really interrested in the ring, or if he was just looking for a reason to touch you.
“Good.” He held your hand between his and you saw how he turned his head, his eyes stared straight into yours.
“Jeremy…” You whispered his name and saw how he nodded.
“Yes?” His lips curled up into a smile and you couldn’t help but smiling back.
“I have an idea and for the sake of our history-grade you’d better agree with it.” Your voice trembled a little bit and you shifted on your seat.
“O, yeah, history, sorry, I almost forgot.” He wanted to let your hand go, but you grabbed his and shook your head.
“It’s okay.” You paused for a moment. “So, I was thinking.” You cocked your head a little bit and felt your heart beating in your chest. “We’re gonna work on history right now.” You sighed and swallowed. “And as soon as the work is done, you can ask me out on a date.” You waited for a moment, a long moment. Jeremy was just staring at you, not saying anything.
“That sounds perfect.” He eventually whispered and you carefully let his hand go.
“So, history.” You stuttered for a moment.
“Yeah, history.” Jeremy repeated and smiled.
“Okay, we were going to do history.” You blushed and smiled even brighter.
“Yeah, we’re gonna do history now.”

Fighting For Your Attention (Kol Mikaelson) (Jeremy Gilbert) (non-slash)

Imagine both Kol and Jeremy having feelings for you, and are constantly fighting for your attention.


It was an average Friday night, and you were bored. You wanted to do something, but you didn’t know what. When you heard your phone beep, you smiled. Either it was someone who wanted to hang out, or there was a new problem. It turned out Jeremy, one of your best friends who has a crush on you, asked if you wanted to hang out at the Grill to play pool and darts. At first you were you were hesitant, because you didn’t want to give him the wrong idea, but you agreed anyways. Besides, he’s still your best friend.

Sure, Jeremy was nice and all, but you didn’t feel  the same way towards him. You were into the bad boys, and you were annoyed that your friends kept you away from the Mikaelson boys, and don’t forget Damon. But they never could stop you. You have a rebellious spirit, but on the inside all you wanted was for someone to care about you, to need you in their life.

You pulled on a pair of black ripped jean with chains, a tank top, and a leather jacket, along with a scarf to cover the bite marks on your neck, and you pulled on your shoes. Yes you get bitten, by Kol, and you enjoy it. You like the feeling of adrenaline, along with the feeling of being needed, even if it’s only for sustenance. Everyone thinks Kol is always cruel, but he’s not, when he wants to be he can be the most caring, and affectionate person in the entire world.

You grabbed your car keys, and then you ran down the stairs. Just as you were about  to open the door, you felt an unnatural breeze inside of your house, and then a hand on your shoulder. You smiled, already knowing who it was.

“Where do you think you’re going, darling?" Kol said gently, as if not to startle you. You never recalled him speaking that genuinely gentle to anyone before. Not even his family. "I have a life too, Kol. If I blow everyone off for you, they’ll know something is up, and never leave me alone.” you said as you lightly placed your hand on his that was still on your shoulder.

“But why do you have to hang out with him?” he asked, as he spun you around to face him. “Because I’ve known him for years, if I stop hanging out with him, red flags will go up.” you said shaking your head. “But you’re mine! Do I have to write it in blood for you?" Kol said, getting possessive and jealous. His grip on your shoulder tightened, and you faintly winces, and he let up his grip instantly. He often forgets  how fragile you are. ”(Y/N),  I’m sorry, darling.“ he said, sounding ashamed of himself. You sighed, and you hugged him tight.

"I know Kol, I know you are. You didn’t mean it, and I’m yours, but I can’t just drop my life for you, not just yet. When I’m ready, I’ll let you turn me, then you can take me far away.” you said, and  you pushed up onto your tiptoes, and you kissed him lightly. “I’ll see you later darling. I’ll be waiting here for you.” he whispered. You smiled up at him, and then left, closing the door behind you.

You walked out into your car, and then drove off towards the grill, where you’ll be meeting Jeremy. Your phone rang, disrupting the silence, and you jumped slightly. You answered the phone and put it on speaker, without checking the caller I.D.

“Hello?” you said. “Hey, where are you?” Jeremy asked. “I’m on my way now, I got distracted.” you said to him. “With what?” he asked. “Does it matter? You know I get distracted easily.” you said, feeling defensive. “Only when you don’t take your meds.” Jeremy said. “Yeah I didn’t take them, I stopped a while ago.” you admitted. “Why?” he asked. “Because they made my insomnia worse.” you half lied.  The main reason was, because Kol hated how they made your blood taste, and also the insomnia thing.

“You know you need to take them.” he said. “I’m fine.” you said, beginning to get annoyed. You heard him sigh, but he let it go, and you were grateful, because you didn’t want to fight, he would end up making you upset, and then be comforted by Kol, and then he would hurt Jeremy, and you didn’t want that to happen.

You parked your car at the Grill, and then you went into the building once you made sure the scarf was securely in place, Jeremy smiled when he saw you, and you walked over to where he was. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked excited, and you laughed lightly. “About to kick your ass.” you said grabbing a pool stick. “Nope, my ass is not losing tonight.” he said defensive. “You sure about that?” you said as you raised an eyebrow to look at him, as you put chalk on the end of your stick, and you weighed it in your hands. Kol had taught you how to properly get a feel for the stick, and how to beat anyone, by positioning the stick in a certain spot.

“So how did you get so good anyways? You never used to be this good.” he said as he began putting the balls in the triangle. “I practiced with someone.” you said, alluding towards Kol, and you smiled at the thought of him. “Well, they must be a very good teacher, you think they might give me a few pointers?” he joked. You rolled your eyes, and you shrugged your shoulders.

“So where have you been lately?” he asked you, concerned, after a few hits of the balls. “I’ve been busy.” you said. “With what?” he asked curious. You rolled your eyes, knowing that you would have to give some satisfactory lie for him. “I’ve been doing research about my mother. I’ve been taking trips down to Richmond. She was a witch you know, making me one.” I said.

“You never told me that.” he said. “Do I have to tell you everything?” you said rolling your eyes. Yes that was indeed the truth, but you knew about your mother, you’ve known you were a witch for a while. But you have been going down to Richmond, but to help Kol with finding information about something Kol wants. You hated being a witch, so that’s another reason why you want Kol to turn you.

“Well if it’s something that big, then yes, you kind of do.” Jeremy said. “I like having my privacy.” you muttered, but you were thankful that he got distracted with the conversation, by putting a ball in the pocket.

You were about to make a hit, but you felt Jeremy come up behind you, and run his hand down you back, and you stood up straight, and whipped around to glare at him. “What the hell was that?” you said to him. “It was a reflex, I’m sorry.” he stuttered, but he kept staring at your scarf, and before you could do anything, he ripped it off, and he gasped at what he saw.You brought your hair around your neck, to hide it, and you grabbed the scarf from him. But what he saw wasn’t just bite marks, there were also hickies.

“(Y/N), what happened? I thought you stayed away from all vampires.” he said shocked. “Well you guessed wrong.” you said as you put the scarf back on, and you finally met his eyes and you saw they held many emotions, but you didn’t seem fazed. “Who did this to you? If it’s against your will, we can help you.” Jeremy said, assuming that you were innocent in all of this.

“They’re from me, darling loves it when I bite her neck during sex." Kol said coming out from who knows where. He placed his hand on your lower back, and you shivered at his touch. "Or in general.” he added after a moment of thought. “Is he compelling you, is he forcing you?” Jeremy said, assuming the worse.

“Jeremy, he isn’t, I’m wearing vervain, and he has no idea where I where it, and he hasn’t even tried to compel me. And is it so bad that I actually like it?” you said, finally speaking up. Kol pulled you close to his side, and you felt protected in his embrace. “What happened to you? How could you let this monster bite you?” he asked, sounding dumbfounded. “He’s not a monnster. You just don’t see the side of him I see. Kol, c'mon, let’s go.” you said, leading him out of the Grill, hand in hand, into the night, ready for him to take you away from this place.

Request - Jeremy Gilbert “Can’t get my eyes off of you.”

“Shall I take that table in the corner?” You pointed towards the table far away, with screaming people that are already way too drunk to get one more drink.
“No!” Jeremy interrupted and grabbed the tray before you could. “No, I’ll do that. I’ll handle it.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, shaking your head, knowing that protesting wouldn’t help. Jeremy had been doing things like this for the entire day. He had been doing all the hard tasks, had helped you with all the other tasks, while asking you all kind of questions.
“Jeremy Gilbert…” You whispered when he came back, grabbing his shirt to pull him aside. “Something is up with you and I want to know what.” You smiled at him and he smiled back, while shrugging his shoulders.
“I’m just being nice.” He winked and you felt the butterflies in your stomach. “Do you have any problem with me being nice?” He smiled again and you sighed, shaking your head.
“No, no I don’t have any problem with you being nice, but…” You saw how his eyes were staring at you, just like they had done the entire day. He had always been trying to catch a smile, waving at you, coming up with the weirdest reasons to talk to you. “I’m working here as much as you do.” You paused for a short second. “You don’t have to do my work too.” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and saw how Jeremy blushed, the tray balancing a little bit insecure in his hands.
“Am I really doing all your work?” He bent his head and stared at his feet, while biting his lip. “That must be because you’re a beautiful and amazing girl.” For a moment you were caught of guard by his words, flattered by the compliments, but not really knowing how to react on them.
“You’re joking right?” You waited until he looked up again and his eyes met yours for a short second.
“No, I’m not joking at all. You’re beautiful and you’re amazing.” He smiled and you smiled back at him, all of a sudden feeling a little bit nervous.
“But you really don’t have to do my work…” You swallowed and Jeremy started to laugh.
“I just like helping you.” He waited until you laughed too. “I just like being around you, hearing how you talk, seeing how you smile.” Jeremy moved a little bit closer towards you and you took a deep breath.
“You’re very sweet…” Your cheeks were redder than red and you felt how Jeremy grabbed your hands, his fingers gently rubbing them.
“At what time are you done with your shift?” He stared at you questioningly and you bit your lip, all of a sudden stuttering.
“I think I have to work until seven.” You swallowed again and looked up at him, seeing how his eyes were smiling along with his lips.
“Good, because I have to work until 7 too and I’d love to take you out afterwards.” He smiled brightly and you smiled back.
“That would be really nice.” 

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Request - Jeremy Gilbert “Come hell and high water”

You were turning from one side to the other, your hands lifting the blanket up towards your chin. Your entire body was still trembling when he was away, when you couldn’t see what was happening to him, when you weren’t there to make sure that he was alright, okay.
You didn’t even know if he still loved you. Not that you wanted to doubt him, but the two of you had not seen each other much the last couple of months and sometimes you just wondered if something had changed, if the two of you had changed.
Actually you already knew the answer to that. Everything had changed, you had changed, he had changed, life had changed.
You sighed and felt the tears escaping your eyes. You were crying a lot lately. You didn’t really know if it was because you didn’t see Jeremy that much anymore, or because of everything that had happened, because you were afraid what could happen to him, to you, to your friends.
Maybe it was because of everything, because of everything at once and maybe it was most of all because you couldn’t talk with Jeremy about this, because you couldn’t tell him, because he didn’t even know. You had never gotten the chance to tell him, to show him.
The two of you had not talked in ages. Your relationship was nothing more than stealing a couple of kisses here and there, hugging each other when the two of you met, before rushing away again, saying hi and goodbye within the same second.
“(Y/N)?” Jeremy entered your bedroom and before you could open your eyes, you felt his arms around you, kisses on your forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. “I’m so sorry.” He pressed another kiss on your lips and he let you go for a short second to lift the blankets.
You curled yourself up against him and felt how he held you close.
“It’s okay.” You whispered and sniffed, but Jeremy tightened his grip and pressed you closer towards his chest.
“No, it’s not okay.” He shook his head and you just rested your head on his chest, feeling how all the worry, all the sorrow, all the doubt disappeared. “You’ve been sad and I didn’t even notice.” He lifted your chin and you stared into his eyes.
“I understand it, Jeremy. There was just so much going on.” You smiled at him and wiped the tears away, making clear that everything was okay now, that everything was fine.
“There will always be so much going on.” He smiled at you. “That shouldn’t be a reason to not make time for you.” He pressed his lips on yours again and you kissed him back.
“I’m just happy that we’re still okay.” You whispered before kissing him again.
“You and I will always be okay.” He paused for a short second, before kissing you again. “I promise, whatever happens, we’ll always be okay.”