character: jai wilcox

Most of the comments I can find regarding Jai are actually pro-Sendhil and calling out how much the character was mishandled. This is soothing. I was expecting more gloating from the haters, but even the official forums are full of a) denial and b) support for Sendhil. Maybe it’s too late for CA to learn a lesson here, but I hope whoever gets to be in charge of Sendhil’s fate on a future show is paying attention.

Sure, the writers claim that they loved Jai as a character and Sendhil as an actor, but the writing tells us otherwise, as does their behaviour (now deleted) on Twitter. They could have retweeted the comments that were sad about Jai, instead of the comments celebrating the death. After Season 2, they promised Sendhil a more prominent role in season 3, and have obviously broken that promise already, so who actually believes them when they say that the death will continue to affect the other characters? People who watched the season premiere have stated that none of the characters seemed too upset and that Annie appeared to be getting over it very quickly.

Apparently, Auggie gets Jai’s job? It’s funny how everything that Jai desperately struggled to achieve, Auggie is handed on a silver platter. Yet we were always to consider Jai the privileged guy who never had to try, and Auggie the poor, disadvantaged hero. I think the writers are really, really bad at taking a step back and looking at their own work and see where their own bias comes into play.

And yes, the whole thing is so much worse because of Sendhil Ramamurthy having been the only POC on the whole show. It sends all sorts of disgusting messages that he was the one killed off, accompanied by nasty messages and jokes on Twitter, in order to spice things up for the white characters, whom the writing staff clearly considers on a higher level of being.


↳ BE STILL; an Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox tribute

… forever bitter about Jai, tbh. I was never someone who thought that Jai was an asshole. I think that he was someone that was transferred in (against his will), was pitted against people who worked under/with his father (against his will and whom they hated), and was forced to prove himself time and again without anything good coming of it.

The man did everything that was asked of him (usually without complaint). Joan treated him like her lapdog (ordering him in and out of situations without any of the tenderness that she showed Auggie or Annie), and he constantly watched Annie’s back when she let her instincts get her into trouble (on the docks, in London, in Belarus, etc.). He knew what kind of asshole Ben was and I genuinely believe he wanted the best for Annie and watched out for her in the field while Auggie watched her back as tech-op support.

By the end of the second season, having recognized that being the ‘nice guy’ was getting him nowhere, he sold his dad’s secret out to get out of the nepotism stench (which is what he told Arthur), and in the same breath, he added that he was going to go for Joan’s job, too. I think it was a great set-up for a season three showdown and then… Boom. Gone.

Annie: My parents have condemned to a life of crazy cat-ladydom by calling me… Annie.
Auggie: Yup, you’re doomed. You’d better start clipping Friskies coupons right now and get a really good head start.
Jai: I don’t know, I like your name. It says, “I got moxie.”
Auggie: [rolls his eyes]
Annie: Thanks, Jai. I always wanted someone to tell me that.

Covert Affairs 1.09; Fool in the Rain