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On his way to Valley Forge, Baron von Steuben befriended Henry Laurens, who “had suggested to him that he seek out his son, Lt. Col. John Laurens.” To John, Henry Laurens wrote:

The Baron has learned that you speak French & that you are not, une Mauvais Garçon. (Henry Laurens to John Laurens, February 18, 1778, from Douglas “The Drillmaster of Valley Forge”)

John was indeed very happy with the admirable Baron, as his many letters show. As for “une Mauvais Garçon,” he wrote to his father in his reply to this letter:

Garçon being masculine, requires the article to be of the same gender; therefore, une, which is feminine, makes a false concord; take away the e final and make it un, all will be right. (The Army correspondence of Colonel John Laurens in the years 1777-8)

Imagine Jean is so proud that he’s finally got a pair of jeans for his birthday, but then Levi has to ruin his mood when he comes in with some super cool expensive levis. Then Eren comes out asking why is Jean so upset and Levi just answers that he’s just jealous because Jean will never be as fashionable as him. The entire room goes quiet.

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I feel like they ought to have an episode focusing entirely on Carl. Not just as a side character that everyone else has to deal with, but as the main character telling the story. Something focusing primarily on the struggles that an autistic person might face, because it's important both for autistic and non autistic people to see what they go through to better understand them.

that’s a good point. like, it’s a good step to have autistic characters in the cast in general but, like you said, having them be a side-character that people Deal With isn’t… the best they could do. having autistic characters take center stage and tell their own stories is important as well.

and it doesn’t necessarily have to be just struggles, either. like, there could be an episode about stimming and stim toys and how those things can be soothing and fun and expressive, y’know?

Once Upon a Time, and particularly Emma Swan’s journey shaped me and made me who I am today. The show gave me hope and strength when I needed the most. I started to watch the show at 12 and now I’m 18 and it just helped me grow so much and I’m so so grateful for Jennifer Morrison for portraying one of my favorite characters so beautifully.
But I just really can’t process all of this. Once Upon a Time is a MAJOR part of my life. It gives me such joy and honestly is one of the things that moves me forward. I plan my life around episodes and cons and maybe it’s not healthy but it’s the way I’m used to living and it’s the way my free time was filled those past 6 years. I’m completely devastated and heartbroken. I just don’t know what the future will hold and I feel exhausted and so confused. I just hope they give us the ending that Emma deserves, hell that we deserve.
(Now excuse me while I sob uncontrollably for the rest of the day)

Sorry, SPOILERS for Season 5, Episode 4: "End Times" because I need to vent and I don't want to wait until the episode airs to do it. I don't know how to put things under the cut, so if you don't want to be spoiled then scroll fast!!!!

So…Mikey literally saves the freaking world, and not an iota of appreciation or praise was given to him for it…

They just…completely ignored what he just did. None of the characters acknowledge it at all.

Saving the world, apparently, is no big deal!

The sad thing is…I totally saw that coming. I knew he was going to save the day, and that it was going to be completely ignored or hand-waved away like some fluke. Because they ALWAYS do that to Mikey!

Mikey’s been shown over and over and over again to be almost as smart of Donnie; not only showing genuine interest and support of Donnie’s passion for science and of his creations, but also being consistently shown as have a much better working knowledge and understanding of science as opposed to Raph and Leo ( with the turtle in blue only caring if it’s relevant to a mission). He’s almost as smart as Donnie, maybe even on the same level as Donnie, with the difference being that his ADHD makes it hard to remember things and/or express them in a way that people can follow. He clearly knows what he’s talking about, but can only express it in Mikey-speak. Ya know, like how Donnie expresses his smarts in textbook Donnie-speak!

They both get blank stares in response to their info dumps on the others, but only one of them is taken seriously and respected for it despite the fact that they’ve both showcased how smart they are! And they’ve both repeatedly utilized their smarts to save their brothers/save the day as well.

Mikey’s been shown to have good intuitive “ninja vibes”, but that’s never taken seriously either. Nevermind the fact that everyone’s super attentive when April’s spidey-sense gets riled up though. Even before she got trained her early “ninja vibes” were pretty much always listened to by the others, while Mikey’s (despite usually being right on the mark) are scoffed at and/or ignored.

I laugh a little when I see Donnie fans complaining that he doesn’t get enough appreciation. Because while I agree, as a Donnie fangirl too, that he works his ass off and Leo was a massive ungrateful jerk towards him in S3 and he didn’t always get the thanks he deserved to get (remember when he saved Raph’s life, but Leo was the one who got the awed appreciative look and thank you from Raph for merely sitting by the hot head’s bedside while he was unconscious?). At least Donnie is thanked by other members of the family for everything he’s done, and is told that his hard work is appreciated. He gets praised for his contributions to the team. It might not happen enough to make some of his fangirls happy, but you can’t sit there and pretend like he’s ignored, unappreciated, and underestimated the way Mikey is (Donnie himself is one of the biggest culprits of doing this to Mikey).

If Donnie saved the world, he’d get praised for it. So would Raph for that matter. Leo doesn’t even have to do anything, and he’d still get the praise!

But the finale of the Kavaxas arc just proved what I’ve been saying (and complaining about) for a few years now…Mikey’s contributions are hardly acknowledged, they’re largely ignored which is beyond ridiculous at this point! This has been happening since the beginning of the show’s run, and I feel us Mikey fangirls have good (100% valid) reasons to be salty about it! I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing it, but if it was your favorite character this kept happening too I bet you’d be salty about it too. Just saying.

I’m not saying Mikey’s perfect, because he’s not. Even though I feel he’s been blamed for stuff that wasn’t actually his fault (Donnie’s brain drain incident-where Mikey was blamed for ruining Donnie’s work when nothing Donnie was working on was damaged or compromised in any way when the accident occured-this episode is also another fine example of Mikey showing off his smarts and saving his brother only to have his hard work be completely dismissed), I do admit that he’s messed up and has been in the wrong at times too. I fully acknowledge that Mikey’s flawed, just like his brothers are (even if Leo’s put on a blooming pedestal as if he weren’t-I have salty feelings about that, just like the rest of the fandom apparently, but that’s a rant for another day)…I’m just tired of this being done to Mikey over and over and over and over again.

Mikey literally saving the freaking world, using his own unique creative cleverness to do it, only to have his heroics be 100% blown off immediately after he did it (as if it never happened) is just the straw that broke the camel’s back to me.

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Do you think people like Lena aside from her relationship with Kara? Her character is so complex and interesting and I ship supercorp but I love Lena as her own person way more and from what I've seen people mostly love her because she could be a great love interest for Kara and I don't know how to feel about it. That's what all fics are about and that's what people look for in her scenes. Maybe it's because she hasn't had many scenes with other characters but I think she' amazing on her own

Hey anon!

I can’t speak on the opinions of others but I do see where you are coming from. In the fandom, Lena and Supercorp to appear to be a packaged deal.

However, I will also say that I have seen several fans that love Lena outside of her relationship with Kara. I have seen fans that ship Supercorp, and fans that don’t ship them express their love for Lena and everything that she brings to the table. I’ve seen fans host incredibly long discussions about her and her development, I’ve been asked to write multiple analyses about her, so yeah I would say the love is there!

We all know Lena is an amazing character, it just so happens that her dynamic with Kara is something that is strongly involved in what she has become thus far. We know before the season is up she will have interactions with other characters so that is definitely something to look forward to. I can’t wait!


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I often roleplay with a dear friend (we're in our early 20's ofc) and we did a Naruto rp recently. As I was rping his character, and I realized it feels like he squishes his emotions down a lot instead of dealing with them.. which I would be fine with except that it's classified him as being 'strong'? Like the author portrayed him being 'strong' this way but I don't think suppressing emotions makes you 'strong'. Does that make sense? A character flaw or author flaw? What do you think?

Everyone tends to deal with emotions in their own way, but I have to agree that repression isn’t healthy. As far as Naruto goes, though, I’ve never felt he suppresses things? He hides them, certainly, but not from himself so much. The scene at the Falls of Truth really made me feel that way - Naruto knows his darkness, and even if he doesn’t like to face it, he still recognizes it. At least how I write him, Naruto is very adept with emotions - it’s a survival mechanism that crops up sometimes in abused children. And it definitely doesn’t lead to healthy emotional expression, but emotional awareness? That’s usually fairly high. 

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it seems like Ian is "a no good human thing" as they call it (who are they and do they really..??). im really curious, if you don't mind answering that, is he inspired by at least something? he surely has some hobbies mby...? yes, the drinking thing.. but everyone wakes up at some point, right?? also you're always saying only bad things about him. it could be that i don't understand life, or maybe you/your characters

hehehe i like this ask.ian does not give good first impression & the little snapshots i draw of him tend to lean p heavily on his delinquent side. but heres the deal. ian is a musician! his true passion is music. he studied music in university & his current job is making music. he loves his cat & bob ross & taking walks & astro boy & mini golf & cheez its & pinball & socks & people watching & dive bar culture & other stuff. & he likes donovan & jules a lot. but he has some problems that inhibit his ability to thrive & he doesnt know how to help himself & he makes poor choices. but hes an ok person overall