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Ichabod x Abbie | Unlock the door. Let’s go home.

Imagine Jean is so proud that he’s finally got a pair of jeans for his birthday, but then Levi has to ruin his mood when he comes in with some super cool expensive levis. Then Eren comes out asking why is Jean so upset and Levi just answers that he’s just jealous because Jean will never be as fashionable as him. The entire room goes quiet.

anonymous asked:

You're a fucking idea stealing dick. Profiting from someone elses idea (with that Sherlock print) is NOT okay. You should link to the original artist as your inspiration and NOT profit from it. People like you don't deserve to make art.

omfg my first hate anon. bless you.

But yes I created the artwork myself and yes the idea is mine. Wow you’re really rude, you know that?

I attend a well-known art school, I know not to steal art, because that shit makes me feel sick to my stomache. You accusing me of stealing art is infuriating, but whatever. I really wished you would believe me, but I probably cannot change your mind.

Things You Think When They Tell You Your Mother Might Have Cancer

Her body could have just sent an angry letter instead of
growing monsters within itself. I thought that maybe
there was a quota on the number of bad things that could
happen to you in one lifetime, but that’s a silly way to think,
a silly way to be, but not as silly as a body that feels the need
to betray you with illness and heartache. You don’t get to choose
which parts of people to love, because they come whole or
not at all, but I’m not sure I can sit down to dinner with a thing
that could make my mother so weak that she can’t walk up stairs.
She’s crying because she’s worried she might lose her hair,
and I’m crying because she might die. We’ve talked about the
future like we have the receipts for the amount of time we’ve
already purchased in our hands all while forgetting that life
doesn’t give receipts for future purchases, moments are non-refundable,
and we don’t know what we’re buying until we’re standing in line

I'm crying over Oofuri right now.

Not over anything in particular. It’s just … I love it so much it hurts. It takes forever for chapters to come out and then they have to be translated. And season 2 of the anime will probably never get a US release. And there might not be a season 3. 

And they’re still in their first year of high school! The manga started in 2003 and the Nishiura boys have two more years of baseball. It’s 2012. That means if things keep going the way they’re going, the manga won’t end until at least another twenty years. TWENTY. YEARS. And that’s if nothing happens to Higuchi or she decides to move on to something else. I’m going to be a grown-ass adult in my late thirties with a family and a job and I’ll still be freaking out over fictional high school boys playing baseball.

Why must life be so hard?

those times when you wonder if you should stop trying to talk to people at all unless/until you’ve learned how to either get really good at saying “no this is my boundary please stop now or I’m done” or how to stop feeling like you’re wrong for quietly backing off when people get pushy.

just. how the hell do people deal with this? if you’re wrong for not saying anything and you’re wrong for being direct, what do you even do? it doesn’t make me want to do much other than just seclude myself to avoid the situation altogether but that’s the wrong answer.