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Aujourd'hui c'est la cérémonie pour une de nos martyrs tombées ces dernières semaines face à Daech. Vous trouverez un résumé de l engagement révolutionnaire de notre camarade.

“The Girl With The Red Scarf” is immortal!

Ayşe Deniz Karacagil was only a student when she became a hero of the rebellion that began in Gezi Park against the ruling religious-fascist regime in Turkey. When was sentenced to a ridiculous 103 years prison as reactionary judges argued the red scarf she wore to protests marked her out as a “socialist terrorist” her case was known across the country. She became hailed as “The Girl With The Red Scarf”. When she was released briefly in February 2014 before retrial she escaped to the mountains, following the path she had learned from revolutionaries she had met in prison.

Soon after she wrote a letter announcing she had joined the armed units of the MLKP to break the siege of Kobane. After the victory over ISIS there she stated how beautiful it was to live in a time of revolution. In 2017 she joined other young communists from across the world in the International Freedom Battalion to liberate Raqqa. She fell a martyr during a clash with ISIS in the morning of May 29th.

By dying in the service of socialism she has become immortal!

Ayşe Karacagil is immortal!

Take up her red scarf and fight on!

Telluride Reveals 2017 Lineup: ‘The Shape of Water,’ ‘Downsizing,’ Christian Bale Tribute, and Angelina Jolie
The Labor Day weekend gathering contains the usual blend of Oscar season hopefuls and cinephile delights.
By Eric Kohn, Anne Thompson

Actor Christian Bale and legendary cinematographer Edward Lachman will be celebrated during the 44th Telluride Film Festival, which begins Sept. 1, 2017. Christian Bale’ ‘Hostiles’ is set for World Premiere.