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Mickey and the Wondrous Book | Hong Kong Disneyland by nagi usano


Inspiring photos show the Hong Kong protesters’ parting gift to the government 

Honk Kong’s democracy protests are over — for now. 

Hong Kong police arrested pro-democracy activists and cleared out most of the protest area on Thursday, marking an end to more than two months of street demonstrations, Reuters reports.

But while Hong Kong’s turbulent democracy protests may have come to an end, the protesters who flooded Civic Square in central Hong Kong have a message for government officials:

This isn’t over.


mickeys and the wondrous book- elsa by alienalice


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Day 1 & 2 : 14&15/12/2014

A visual diary:

Photo 1: Early morning plane journey from Singapore 

Photo 2: Local fruit market Mong Kok 

Photo 3,4 & 7: Mong Kok

Photo 5: Goldfish market 

Photo 6: Bird garden 

Photo 8: Market 

Photo 9: Flower market 

Photo 10: Avenue of Stars facing Hong Kong island


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Day 3 & 4 : 16&17/12/2014

A visual diary:

Photo 1: The peak - amazing views overlooking Hong Kong (Asia’s concrete jungle)

Photo 2 & 3: Exploring Soho 

Photo 4: Visiting Man Mo temple where Cristiona and I got our fortunes read. A lot of laughing was involved, with the fortune teller too!

Photo 5: Looking from below 

Photo 6 & 7: Stanley market and waterfront 

Photo 8: Evening views from the bus ride home after a long day wandering around

Photo 9: Houses overlooking the ocean in Stanley