character: hong kong

okay hear me out, imagine greek mythology meets hong kong.

  • apollo traveling the streets of hong kong, fascinated by the buses and trams whirring past him at ridiculous speeds, only to find that when he goes underground, there’s an entire labyrinth of mtr trains interconnecting throughout the city. and all while mobile phones chime melodically around him, connecting people together.
  • hades wandering one of the many cemeteries on the mountains of hong kong, the windy rains of the clouds above groaning loudly to mask the sounds of the dead whispering violently for their lord, the gentle pitter patter of rain splattering on tombstones reverberating in his ears.
  • poseidon lounging around stanley beach, staring out across the vast ocean, the blue a stark contrast against the shadows of the looming city’s structures. his view includes the best of nature, and the crowning achievements of humankind — buildings that resist even the typhoons of his own making.
  • zeus spending his time at ngong ping village, blending in amongst the crowds of tourists waiting to visit the tian tan buddha. on stormy days, he callously holds back lightning bolts from striking the cable cars that lift people up into the sky, so that they can share a view half as magnificent as his own.
  • dionysus living it up at lan kwai fong, downing shot after shot at ten in the evening, the liquor running down his throat nothing more than pre-gaming for the night. numerous parties await his presence, designer drugs and special cocktails brewing slowly in anticipation for the king of the party’s arrival.
  • ares spends his days at the hong kong kart club, racing vehicles to chase the thrill of victory and competition. the dirt and sweat matted in his hair has stiffened by nightfall; his entire ensemble giving off a rustic vibe. it’s the perfect getup to attend boxing matches that begin at two in the morning, wars that only end once blood has been shed.
  • athena prefers to frequent the shelves of the many libraries, drinking in the wisdom of confucius, one of her sons, and even visiting the local universities as a guest lecturer. sometimes, she’ll strut the halls of the high court, influencing lawyers and judges alike to defy any means of corruption, and make the right call for justice instead.
  • aphrodite rides elegantly down an escalator in the ifc, the beauty of models from burberry campaigns in the background incomparable to her allure. but behind the cherry lipstick lies a wicked smile, and she pops open the top button of her blouse as she woos business partners to succumb to her will with her pretty words.
  • persephone blooms amongst the plants in the botanical gardens. the grass stays green all year long, but the stunning display of flowers only emerge in the spring, when their queen glides between them, her aura emitting love, light, and life; her very presence enough to colour the bauhinia flower a kaleidoscope of purple hues.
  • artemis patrols the darker corners of the city, sporting a uniform of blue and black, a shining member of the police department. her bow and arrow have evolved into guns and tasers, and her prey have shifted from buphagus and otus to common crooks and petty criminals.
  • hera runs through the labour, delivery, and recovery rooms at the local hospitals, assisting mothers to be in her white coat, words of encouragement flowing from her lips as she bears the plaque of goddess of women with pride in her stance and determination burning brightly in her eyes.
  • demeter mills about on tiny rooftops in the heart of the city, the rooftop gardens bearing an atrociously small amount of space for her crops to grow. but the produce that sprouts flourish in all shades of natural reds, greens, and yellows. all sales of choi sum come with a free sprig of spring onion, thanks to her fertile seeds.
  • hestia works tirelessly at the peninsula hotel; a building standing strong at almost a hundred years of age. the hotel has accommodated thousands of guests over the century, and the goddess of the hearth has personally ensured that each and every one of their needs have been properly attended to.

[image description: four white bread-slice squishies, resembling supermarket-style thin-sliced bread with a white fluffy/textured inside and brown paint trimming the edges as the crust, sitting fanned out on a white plate. A white teacup and saucer sits in the viewer’s top-left of the photo; a fake-looking pink rose bud sits in the top right.]

Bread Slice Squishy - eBay, $1.21 USD with $0.02 USD shipping.

Dimensions: 11 cm x 14 cm x 1.5 cm.

Variations: Bread with Sprinkles ($1.30 USD) and Coloured Slices ($1.48 USD).

I am excited by these! They’re long and flat, meaning that these could probably be folded, scrunched or even rolled as part of one’s stimming. I’d love a squishy that I can fold and roll as well as squish, and I really like the idea of them being so thin.

I’m not sure that they’d be all that durable because of the thinness, but for people looking for more unique-shaped squishies that offer more stimming possibilities than squishing, these might be worth trying.


Typhoon lock down, Ladies’ Market by Ralph Rahmer